What Do You Love & Hate about Being from the USA?

Hello, Postcrossers!

We are known world-wide, but how do we feel about it?

I LOVE that people around the world already know about my culture from TV & movies!

I HATE that we Americans have a reputation for being rude travelers, abroad!


I LOVE the variety of English accents and dialects we have throughout the USA.

I HATE the attitude of “time is money” and how we overwork ourselves with long work days and little vacation time.


What’s there to hate? America is unapologetic, tough, charitable, generous, free-market capitalism, beautiful national parks, scenic towns and roads, low unemployment, clean drinking water, high literacy, most of the country has phones and internet access, strong military, innovation through entrepreneurship, and diversity. People love America so much that they risk their lives getting here. Did I mention…great economy, leader in space exploration, world class education, best athletes, best music, best tv and movies, and best food. Being the good country that we are, the government will even take care of those who despise us and are unwilling to make a contribution towards the collective good of our nation. Lastly, it’s hard to argue that we have the best stamps, the best postcards, and the best flag.


I love the convenience of the USA.
It’s not the same abroad for delivery, mail, etc.
I also really love how massive the country is.
Drive for three hours? You might still be in Texas!
Drive for three hours in Europe and you’ll have gone through three countries.

I dislike the Imperial measuring system and Fahrenheit system. Why 12 increments, the metric is so much easier.


If there is no traffic, maybe.
But yes, driving from our place for six hours would get me to Chicago, the Canadian border or somewhere in the Dakotas, everywhere English is spoken as the first language - From my birthplace in Germany, six hours would bring me to Denmark, Poland, Czechia, the Netherlands or Belgium - all speak a different language!

Hey, hello from Winnipeg! If you ever make your way to the 'Peg, I’ll be happy to grab coffee with you in our French-speaking neighbourhood :slight_smile: I know, it’s not as exciting as visiting a European country, but it’s something :blush:

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Winnipeg is closer to nine hours from here, but yes. Whenever the border is open again, we might head that way …

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You’re always welcome in Friendly Manitoba :slight_smile:

Hello, I’m also from Winnipeg…a brand new postcrossing member! :wave:


Awesome, welcome to Postcrossing! I’ll send you a message :slight_smile:

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I’m Canadian, but I live in Texas. My favorite thing about the USA is definitely the national parks. It is truly the greatest idea America ever had. I’ve visited 11 so far. There’s also plenty of beautiful nature outside of national parks.

One of the things that I don’t like is how wasteful it is. People have so much stuff. They have these huge houses and even then that’s not enough, they have to rent storage space so that they can put all of their things that don’t fit in their house and that they are not even using. Nobody needs that much stuff. Also, your political system is so weird to me and way too complicated.


Hi, @lncrou7,

Just so you know, our political system is so weird to lots of us, too, and way too complicated! :thinking:


I love the diversity of landscapes (mountains, prairie, desert, forest, sea coast, lakes, wetlands, etc) and people that the USA offers. I also love our unique take on the meaning of liberty and freedom (not saying we are the only place where people are free, but it means different things to different people).

Things I don’t love so much…we could do much better on the environment and our food is pretty bad unless you spend extra of your hard earned dollars.