What do you do with your ‘ugly’ postcards?

Sometimes I find that putting a big sticker on the face makes it a good or at least much better postcard!



@moneill Very clear examples - thanks for that! :smiley: :+1:

That’s exactly what I found, too. :upside_down_face:

Awheeeh! :smiley: Penny starts dropping… :smiley::wink:

Quite sure you (eventually) will! :+1: :blush:

So if you’re ever going to draw my profile, you might consider taking the “hidden box” out and look through – after reading through this thread I feel like I might be considered a “lover of what others might view as ugly postcards” of some… :crazy_face: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

As probably most (all?) of you know, there are quite some “postcard series” out there which at present seem to be really popular amongst “Postcrossers” (so to speak)…

I personally find several of them REALLY UGLY! :nauseated_face: :face_vomiting: [<= was exaggerating a little there … :wink: just to make a point, hehe… :wink: ]

The cool thing is: Without having directly mentioned / named any of those series on my profile, the text itself (+ wall of favourites) still seemed to have lead to me not receiving any of those to this day! :grinning: :+1:

And even if I one day would / will receive one of those (“ugly postcards in MY PERSONAL opinion / view”): It still could turn out to be one of my favourite postcards because I might REALLY LOVE THE MESSAGE on the flipside of it. :wink:


I once ordered a bunch of ‘vintage’ looking cards on aliexpress, but even though the cards have a nice tickness, I don’t like them very much. I am going to give those and a bunch of flimsy cards away on a local give-away-group.


The Weird RR has a few categories good for these cards if you want to get rid of them - Bad Buys, Boring, and Ugly :grin:

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I use the Ugly Card Tag or The Card you want to get rid of Tag


I love the SOS card and the potato card. I grew up around potato farms. And I like vintage cards.

I’m still hanging on to my ugly postcard pile, I think I’ll eventually send them to their rightful owner. Lol