What do you do when you are waiting for registrations?

How do you pass the time waiting for traveling postcards to reach their destination? Do you scroll the forum or lotteries ? I’m new to this and find myself patiently waiting…. Does anyone decorate their postcards before you even draw an address?


I participate in tags and the occasional round robin.

And of course, lotteries

Sometimes, yes


Hi !
I started postcrossing 2,5 months ago.
First of all, what I do when I send an official card, is to estimate the reception date :laughing: (with the statistics).
Then yes I participate in lotteries and round robins :slight_smile:

How I write my cards : according to who I’m sending to and his/her preferences, I put the stamp, the address, and THEN only I decorate my card. And at the end I write it :slight_smile:


All good tips from others on here… I myself also joined Postcrossing to learn some patience in this modern world of “now, now, now”!!!


I participate in tags and round robins. Often you correspond multiple times with the same person, so there is a type of relationship that can develop, not like the one-time one-way card in official Postcrossing.

As for decorating cards, I do not decorate them until I know who it is going to.


I can have 41 postcards travelling at once now, and I don’t use all those spots. So I don’t really have to wait anymore if I want to send an official. But I do participate in RR’s, tags, lotteries and swaps every now and then. Some variation is nice.

No, I don’t. I have so many different postcards I can send, so I prefer getting an address first, then write the address and add stamps, and then I can decide if I want to decorate or not, and how to decorate if I want to decorate. I might prefer writing as much as possible on the place left on the postcard. And I might use several low value stamps, which means there’s little space left even for a message.


I am on holiday at the moment and using travel mode. Our last day is tomorrow and in a new place and I have 0 slots remaining!! GUTTED that I can’t send one from the last destination!
My current cards are either just posted, off to slow locations or I have a horrible suspicion I have a lost card to Germany, as usually cards UK to Germany get there within a week and this is now at 3 weeks.
One more card registered gives me 2 slots too due to hitting an additional card gateway.


I had an expired card to Germany where the eventual registration message explained that was due to health problems.

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when i was new on postcrossing i just read basically the whole forum, learnt a fair bit from it as well. i also sometimes scroll through the gallery on the official site or read the blogs.
and of course tags and rr’s are a great way to send and receive cards as well. and you’ll get to ‘meet’ some lovely people through the forum!
now i can have 40 cards traveling at one time so i’m always able to send plenty of cards.

i used to, it’s also a nice way to spend time with cards without actually sending cards out. but then there wasn’t enough space left for an address (or there was too much space) and i wanted to use specific stamps or stickers someone is asking for so i don’t really do that anymore.
only for my penfriends, as i can write down the address already and then i always have cards lying around to start writing on as soon as i feel like it, without spending time on the decorating that i don’t have every day.


I pass the time between official cards by participating in the forums. I join pretty much all of the lotteries (and host some myself) - and I do the tag forums, The Friends Club, and Spread the Joy. I don’t really understand the round robins - so I haven’t participated with those.

I don’t decorate the postcard before getting an address as I write ALOT in the writing space - so my only decoration can go in the right side - stamps take up A LOT of room (if you don’t use a single Global Stamp - which people seem to dislike) and sometimes the addresses are large. So I draw the address, address the card, then decide what stamps I have room for. Then, if I can, I’ll decorate.

I do design cards that have some decor on the back most of the time. (At least my newer cards do) - For example here is the back of one of my cat postcards - (I blacked out the barcode so I wouldn’t get in trouble for spamming - hopefully that is enough to appease the rules)


You can send me a card if you want from your final destination and I can send you one so you’ll have one on the way. :wink: PM me if you are interested. I’d hate for you to miss out on your final destination!!! :wink: Plus I love receiving and sending mail. LOL


I have multiple hobbies, so I just send and do something else. A card to China just took 3 months!


I started in Postcrossing just 2 weeks ago. While waiting, I participate in the Handmade RR and also in the swaps of the Spanish forum, and I do creative journaling. Yesterday I prepared a direct swap of stationery with a girl that requested it and also a direct swap of a postcard.


I recently starting making diy Maxi Cards and handmade cards! They take a little longer to do so it keeps me occupied! I’ve decorated only a few, but not all the way! I leave them 70% done so I can add doodles and stickers that appeal to the address I pulled. If you want a few more ideas of how to keep busy and not let the wait eat you from the inside out, (I have this feeling often) check out this post I did! The comments are lovely and full of ideas! :bulb:


Thanks everyone for the ideas


You can also ask for direct swaps as well while you’re waiting - I did a ton of direct swaps when I first started on Postcrossing waiting for my # of slots to go up.

You just post which cards you could offer with pictures & give people an idea of what you’d be interested in receiving back - it’s lots of fun & you get more cards in your mailbox while you’re waiting for the official PC cards to arrive. Enjoy!

This is the section for swaps:


I usually have a look around the forums. It gets fun once the sent postcards start being registered :blush:

I participate in the US Round Robins so it’s quicker sending and receiving. Some have themes, some don’t.

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I feel your pain! Even though I joined in January I only sent my first cards in late May, so I can only have 7 cards travelling at any one time. It was frustrating for me in the beginning because I had a huge difference between sent and received - like 11 sent, 2 received, and if you considered the travelling cards that would be 18 sent, 2 received. But as of yesterday I reached equilibrium (22 sent, 22 received) for the first time.

So for the past two months I’ve been reading a lot of the forum and taking part in tags and lotteries. Through the tags I’ve already developed some friendships and have started to more regularly send cards to those people. Plus, I’ve spent way too much time going out of my way to find interesting cards, stickers, washi tape, etc. that can be used, not only for the cards, but my postcrossing journals. Finally, I’ve also been researching interesting scenic cancels across Japan, unusual postboxes, stamp/postal museums to visit, etc. I’ve also discovered the joys of making my own maxicards, so that’s fun too. All of these things keep me busy while I wait for my official cards to arrive (usually 1-3 per week).

As others have mentioned, I don’t decorate postcards beforehand, as I like to choose cards based on the recipient’s preferences, and I always want to write the address and put the stamps on first to make sure there’s enough room for my message and any thing else I might put on the card.


I joined a red Robin on the forum, so I can still send out postcards. They just weren’t official with the code.