What did you acquire for postcrossing?

Direct from my order cart got these :grin::heart:

These roller glues are amazing! They were off shipping so stocked on them. Don’t know how it works because somedays the shipping is off somedays they aren’t :joy:

I like flair a lot, so this was at sale so got them. Glitter ones cheaper than the ball colour pens. I love to use gel / fountain / roller pens but they can’t survive the worst weather that we have aka RAIN

Hauser is my favourite company after Parker and Perre Cardin and these pens were really economical

I am surprised these pens are so amazing in their so economical prices!:star_struck: Natraj’s new colour pens.


I got this set last week and was impressed how they’re categorized. Very neat cards!


Most of the postcard sets of this certain company come organised/categorised as this. I have three sets Dogs, Cats and Animals. They too were labelled as such with a nice pamphlet too about the artists or stuff said by them. Very nice quality postcards.


So cute!!

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Time to get there! Italy is beautiful! I’ve been there several times!

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More stamps before the price hike on July 1st… and of course some new issues right after :sweat_smile:

Some details


Bought an old oak table to be used as a writing desk in a sunny corner of the living room. But it needs some restoration work, which I enjoy doing


Do show the after/restored photos too :heart_eyes::ok_hand:t3:

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Can you show how the postcards in this box please ? :blush: maybe 1-2 samples if it is possible? :blush:

I thought the increase had already happened! Glad you mentioned. I will stock up on some of those daisy stamps also. Many people don’t mention stamps as being important and these are SO much easier to use than cobbling together the right amount of smaller value stamps. So Daisies it is! I don’t know why they don’t make a new version of the international stamp, though. And right now there is only ONE kind of postcard stamp!


I am tempted!

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I don’t want to buy stationery, i already have enough to give a small store run for money haha. But here we are :smiling_imp:


:heart_eyes: Love the seahorse!

Needed to get some regular viewcards for sending out, but also got the Cat Box collection for any cat lovers I meet! :cat2::black_cat: :slightly_smiling_face:


Aww dear the images didn’t upload :sob::broken_heart:

Got some black sticky notes, alphabet stickers, key charms and square seal from someone who was destashing (yeah I am buying only destashes now! See eco friendly and sustainable and all things good!! :joy:) and got stickers and earrings as freebies :sunflower::heart:



Sticker time… AGAIN! :blush:


Here’s a few random ones from the set. So many good ones!


Today I received an ordered set of postcards based on paintings by Henry and John Hintermeister. This is just the first of what I ordered, and I think in a couple of days a lot of packages will fall on me. I love pictures with meaning, where a whole story is told in one drawing - launching a rocket with a yard dog, building a raft and other children’s summer adventures.