What are your themes for 2nd half of 2023?

As of the 1st of September, I have 50 Halloween cards to post, followed by 50 Christmas cards. Do you have any thematic plans for the next 6 months?

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I only joined yesterday, but was just thinking I’d love to get some Halloween/Autumn/Christmas themed cards to send over the coming months! I love the idea of sending ones that show a little bit of my own culture & time of year. For example, being in the UK if I got an Aussie Christmas postcard it would be very exciting to see Santa in the Summer or something like that. :blush:


Dont forget world postcard day theme for October


I have a box of Penguin Classics 100 Book Covers cards that I’ve sent a few from. I’m hoping to get through this box by the end of the year! There is such a wide range of topics it’s usually pretty easy to find one that matches someone’s interests

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I’ve got WPD postcards and Halloween and Thanksgiving postcards too. My decision on Christmas and New Years postcards are always the most difficult and usually the most expensive ( I usually mail outside of postcrossing too). It takes me awhile to decide on those postcards. I love these seasonal/holiday postcards.

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@arisor I love your frog avatar - it’s so cute!

I have bought some new “vintage” halloween postcards to send out in October. I haven’t gotten any WPD cards yet but I might still. I love the older style holiday cards so much so I supposed that’s what I’ll be sending the most.

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