What are your favorite medium(s) to use when creating your mail art/handmade cards?

Wow super Idee! Ich kann leider nicht Häkeln LG Alina

Me, too. The big ones :star_struck:
For some reason, they don’t glue well when the temperature is too low but they work wonderfully if it is warm :thinking:

I think that is right if you aren’t careful. For big areas and thin paper I usually use double-sided tape, but even then I have seen thin paper curl.

For most applications, I use “tacky glue” and find the cheap stuff I can get in the discount store works as good as Aleene’s, which is quite expensive here and needs to be ordered online. But I am always careful to make sure it says “tacky glue” and I put it into a needle-nose bottle so I can dispense it in small amounts. I always put a weight on top while it is drying.

In my experience glue runner rollers (I like Pritt refillable but there are other brands that lay down little glue dots) is great. If you work quickly you can reposition it, but once it is set, it is good. I am careful and apply it from the middle out because otherwise it sometimes tears thin paper.

I used to use UHU glue stick and still do occasionally, especially for envelopes. Normally, though, I need more precision than a glue stick offers.

Spray glue is also fantastic if you are good at positioning things; please don’t shoot me if you are environmentally opposed!

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Thank you :blush:

What a great idea! I will certainly try this myself.

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I always just use glue sticks. I have not found a way to use spray glue or liquid glue without making a mess.

I use a scrap paper surface to get fine details properly glued with a glue stick.
It’s a bit hard to describe, so here are some photos instead:

With all edged glued in this way, there are usually no problems with sending collages in the mail.


Thank you for the great illustrated guide! When I do use glue runners or glue sticks, this is also how I do it.

I agree, so long as all the edges are glued down nicely, it should hold.

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I realized that it seems I love to use upcycled material of all kinds :smile: from used stamps to even the envelopes they were on. Chocolate wrapping to Christmas wrapping paper. Fruit stickers and even crone caps :smile:
Some examples:

From an old book:
Google Photos

The cardboard I used to protect the table when I tried acrylic pouring:
Google Photos

The golden and the flower cardboards were from empty boxes of napkins:
Google Photos
Google Photos

Used stamps:
Google Photos

Fruit stickers:
Google Photos

From an escape game book:
Google Photos

Empty beverage tin:
Google Photos

Calendar sheet:
Google Photos

Food label:
Google Photos

Crown caps:
Google Photos

I could continue this endlessly :smile: I just can’t throw anything away :woman_shrugging:


I absolutely love your cards - they are amazing! :smiley:

About glue, I tried different types to find my favorite. I like Gina K one and double-adhesive rolls, 3D foam squares.
I like the Nuvo Jewel drops effect and clear Wink of Stella brush.
Useful envelope punchboard.
I received these papers from a friend from Action shop. Still trying to find how to use it.

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:heart_eyes: :blue_heart: :+1: ich liebe Ankermotive :blue_heart:Anchor-Love


These are lovely.

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Just beginning to play with making handmade postcards, working on these.


What is the big pink roller?? That looks fun !

It’s double sided adhesive dispenser.

I just made a mistake and coated something I made with mod podge but I had used watercolor paint on it first and the mod podge acted like water mixing with the watercolor so it spread the paint around on places I didn’t want it to go…so I wanted to warn anyone who may try this in the future…it never occurred to me that it may be a problem but it seems obvious after the fact!! :scream_cat:


For those who do watercolor art, which are your favorite paper brands?
For what I’ve tried yet, my favorite is the pad I bought in Singapore, Daler Rowney Aquafine smooth. I prefer this smooth one than the textured type. But, well…it depends on the kind of project you have, the ink, paint… and techniques you use.
So :sleepy: I can’t get the Daler Rowney shipped to my country. I have to send it to France to a friend to get another one.
I’ve tried:

I have these one I still have to try:


I actually love the Tim holtz distress paper you have in the photo but it is expensive I think!

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Has someone ever tried the gel press?

I think @Nadjafee and @-Janne- might be able to help you here! :slight_smile:

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