What are your favorite medium(s) to use when creating your mail art/handmade cards?

When I use water-based inks and I am afraid of bleeding, I use one of the following:

Tim Holz distress glaze. This is a wax that you rub into the finished project. It leaves a very slight sheen, and has to be done at the end because you cannot work over it. I don’t think it would protect against severe water damage but it is good enough for when something is a little wet from rain. I also use this over paper if I am afraid the paper will dissolve or the printing may run if it gets wet. Be sure your project is completely dry before you use it, because otherwise the rubbing may smear the ink. (I would love to find a similar “no name” wax glaze because to be honest I think most “Tim Holz” products are ridiculously expensive, so if anyone knows of one, please speak up!! :slightly_smiling_face:)

Clear spray lacquer I use spray lacquer with good results. I have matte, satin, and shiny finish and am happy with them.

Book covering adhesive plastic. If it is a smooth card and I want a “finished” looking front I will cover it with a library-quality book covering adhesive plastic. This is like the panzer glass of card protection and I love the finished look, but it only works if the paper is smooth and there is no dimension to the art (and if you want a shiny surface)


How do you keep the paper flat when painting on it or even using glue. Mine always ends up wanting to curl up on itself.

I put 2 cards together in one laminating pouch, the picture sides look outside. After laminating I cut off the edges and so the 2 cards separate from each other. So the picture is safe and I can write normally on the card.
I hope you can understand what I mean :see_no_evil:


I didn’t think that the laminating material would stick to a card after cut apart, only to other laminating material. That’s a great idea!

I haven’t figured that out yet either. :grin:

I read a suggestion of taping the card down with painter’s tape. I would leave a white border. I haven’t tried it yet.

When painting, use tape.
You could also use watercolour blocks which are glued on four sides, so you paint the paper and then when it’s dry you tear off the sheet you painted.
How to Remove Sheets from Watercolor Blocks
I’ve seen postcardsize blocks like this. It wouldn’t surpise me if there are mixed media paper blocks with four sides glued as well.
But the easy, and maybe also cheaper, option would be to use masking tape.

When glueing. I guess it depends what kind of glue you use. At the moment I use glue sticks. When the paper curls I flatten it under a stack of books when it’s still moist and remove it when it’s (almost) dry.

When collaging, I usually use a glue stick as well and only glue it down in parts, because I actually like it when it’s not glued down completely. If it’s a card I then send it in a (handmade) envelope.

When collaging with for example wallpaper glue, yeah, haven’t mastered that technique (yet).
But one of these days I will follow every tutorial on the website of Lydia Rink and become a collage artist myself. :rofl:


@Pezimaniac I use a spray finish, which you can find at a hardware store. Krylon and Rustoleum are the brands I have used with great success. I prefer the matte finish over the glossy, but that is just personal preference.

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I love ink and watercolors, because they give me the opportunity to do a postcard quick.
But I love even pencils, acrylics, collage… I love to try different styles!
Here are two of them, but if you want to see some other here is my gallery on DeviantArt.
Postcard Gallery


omg, I followed the link and you have made Stitch cards :heart_eyes:… I’m so in love with Stitch and it’s so hard to find postcards with him! If you ever feel like making another one (or more), I’m always up for a swap when it comes to Stitch!

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Thank you for the tips, I tried the glue sticks and worked well

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Oh I love the one with the satellite so much :heart_eyes: Or is it even the ISS? Anyway it’s amazing!

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That’s gorgeous. I’ve never seen a knitted card before. I love the sentiment, and the little covid doodle too x

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Thank you! It was the ISS. :smiley:


I just broke in some new paint markers to make some postcards. I have to say the pilling of the paper is one reason not to use the makers for the standard paper postcard, but I do love the feeling of the paint after it’s all said and done.

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For those of you who collage, what type of glue do you use? Do you spray a protective seal over once done?

I had Yes! Paste which used to be my go-to for collage work not going through the mail, but the tub has dried and I haven’t yet replaced it.

It seems rubber cement wouldn’t have a strong enough hold, and my last batch of cards with Modpodge seemed too sticky…

My favorite glue is Aleene’s Tacky Glue.
It can be watered down or used as is. I love it.

Also to answer this topic, I use washi to hold down my paper, also to decorate and use as masking tape.
I like watercolour, liner markers.
I usually choose to either collage or watercolour and then when dry I doodle/washi.
I actually don’t spray with a sealer, I should but I have bad asthma and no outside space to spray so meh.


I use watercolors,gouache and ink to create my cards!
Like this IMG_20201202_200642_953|340x425

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Does the tacky glue cause paper to curl? I’ve never used tacky glue for collage, nice to know it can be watered down!

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As an alternative, I have used mod podge as a sealer, but it will smudge anything water-based.

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That is really nice!

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