What are the good/bad things about the post in your country/city?

We have stamps with the president issued in the year when new one is elected. But frankly it would be better if there weren’t such stamps.

The Royal Mail in the UK is very good, despite some setbacks recently due to staffing. It is a universal service, the postman/woman is often a solid part of the community, the pillar boxes are generally kept in good shape and the stamps are really second to none in terms of artwork and variety (and nothing can lick the standard “Queen’s head” stamps in a wide range of denominations (and therefore colours).
The bad side is that it has complicated fees which rise pretty often, and the two-deliveries-and-several-collections-a-day traditions have long gone. Right now the Royal Mail is overwhelmed with small parcels and so letters are being left to pile high in local distribution offices (some of which close and get sold on to private developers, espeically in cities, remarkably often). All in all, it’s an 8/10 from me but it could easily slip to 7 if the backlog problem isn’t sorted by the end of next month. (Also, I forgot to say - we have deliveries six days a week and stamps can be bough at cost price from supermarkets and corner shops, as well as online in first and second class, large and small letter, formats, including some special designs.)

I have noticed a lot more damage to the picture side of cards I have received through USPS lately. I don’t expect them to be pristine by any means, but when you have large “spots” where it looked like the top layer of paper was ripped off, it’s a little disheartening.

Our postal workers have been through a lot lately, so it’s something I am considering too critical at the moment.

It’s not the fault of the postal workers, it’s the sorting machinery that the post office uses. If mail was still sorted by humans, it would arrive in excellent condition.

My point is, that there are probably other priorities for the USPS at this moment. I realize the machines are doing the sorting, but they also need to be maintained, which requires human effort.

I start with the bad things, so that I can end on a positive note


  • Royal Mail is incredibly expensive, we pay £1.70 (that’s around US $2.30 or €1.90) postage for an international postcard
  • postboxes (at least in my area) are not emptied on weekends
  • local post office is usually sold out on special stamps
  • Royal Mail charges delivery when you order stamps through their website unless you spend a small fortune


  • Royal Mail releases the most amazing special stamps, they have such beautiful designs :heart_eyes:
  • our postboxes (especially the older ones) are so iconic, that tourists take pictures of them

I am satisfied with the position of my country In many cases, they have extremely high speeds, but the opposite happens And my only concern is the very high cost of postage to send abroad I hope I can continue :sweat_smile:
Unfortunately, in my country, printed stamps have been used less for many years and stamps are used. Even the mailbox is not actually used and we have to go to the post office.


my place ,there is only one postbox,because many people dont mail in paper form,post office will collect letters or postcards once one day

The stamp for Chien-Shiung Wu was issued by the U.S. Postal Service in February 2021
Here is how the stamp looks like.

there are actual memes and dark humoured jokes going around Russian Post but anyways…


there are many postboxes around the city with a schedule glued to them (when the postcards are taken out). working every day.

philately shops in big cities

as i understood the post is delivered twice a day

costs 0.6 euro for international delivery which is honestly not so bad. and some pennies around russia (which is also nice considering how big the country is)


at post office you can buy grain, seeds, cans with meat, make up products but as for stamps, only ordinary ones (if ur lucky, with the nominal you need).

the customer service is poor and workers can be extremely rude. they also say the wrong info regarding the shipping and prices and i have mini wars every time i go there


Today, they’re great for not raising the stamp prices in 2022!!!


I like the USPS website, they sell stamps directly to your mailbox.

Cons USPS doesn’t sent a lot of variety of stamps to PR. They send the least popular and only 3 varieties of forever stamps at a time. I asked for the Halloween forever stamp the other day and they laugh at my face and told me they’ve never seen one and if they do it’s probably in February.

They are understaffed and we have to make long lines. Buildings need an upgrade and there’s a really rude employee in my nearest post office. He treats Puertorricans really rude and Americans extremely nice. Come to think of it, I haven’t seen him in a while :slightly_smiling_face:. Maybe he’s gone.

Since they are understaffed, this is what’s happening to our delivery packages…

Yes, some post offices have become like supermarkets.

Right now in my city, Oxford (UK) we have had no post for a week in some neighbourhoods - unfortunately including mine!

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