Welcome to the Forum!

Thank you for your message. :smiley:

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Hi everybody, I’m Jacqueline and I live in the north of Germany.
I like reading, knitting, cooking and postcrossing


Hey everybody! I’m so excited to be here! I just came across Postcrossing through the internet and I’m so happy to be able to exchange postcards with everyone :smiley: I’m Gi and I’m from São Paulo. My favorite hobby is reading books, but I love art, history, music, cooking, writing, and so on (there’s a bigger list on my official profile page)… I love meeting people from different countries and it’s even better to do it now because of these strange times we’re all living in. Hope everyone is safe!


Hello and greetings from The Netherlands.

My name is Cornelis and through a friend who is quite busy with postcrossing I’m one of your latest possible postcards receiver or sender.
Hope to receive something one day from you…or you…or maybe you :smiley:


I have been around for a few days and I haven’t introduced myself !

So hi everyone (. ❛ ᴗ ❛.)

I’m Coralie, French indie author currently living in Canada. Japan enthusiast ! I’m often accused of being unable to stop myself from writing, so you’ll often find me at my desk. When I’m not writing, I spend time with my family.

Looking forward to meet you all (◍•ᴗ•◍):heart:


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Hello! I am Maritsa and I am from Ukraine. I am a teacher of Literature. My hobby is reading, writing short stories, a few years ago I published my own book. The best way to relax for me is to have a cup of coffee, read a book and walk in the park. Hope soon I can travel again and see new places.
Stay healthy and happy postcrossing!


I am sorry to say I am not interested in the forum. I manage myself quite well.
Regards, franciscojclima

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Hello everyone

I am a Japanese woman.
I love international exchange and am doing postcrossing.

I’m studying English
The level is low.
I’m using Google Translate, but if I make a mistake in English

I want to interact with people from various countries.


I watched your video.

Postcrossing is fun because you can interact with people from various countries.


A big warm welcome to all our latest newbies! :tada: We hope you can take a minute to poke around the place and find an interesting topic to participate in. :slight_smile: There’s lots of activity here, and lots of friendly postcrossers ready to help, so don’t be shy to ask questions if you need to. Welcome aboard!


Thank you very much.
I am glad to receive your message.
please tell me.

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Thank you Paulo (admin)for liking my Post.

Namaste to all
I just joined the postcrossing.
I am excited to get postcards from all over the world.


Hi, my name is Sandra and I live in the Netherlands. I started postcrossing a few weeks ago, after one of my penpals introduced me to it. I love the idea of it! I can’t wait to receive cards from all over the world!

Hope to hear from you soon :wink:


Hello, I am Mandy and I live in the Netherlands as well :slight_smile:. Just started with postcrossing and I love it already! I hope to send and recive cards from all over the world :slight_smile:


Hello @Sandra and @MizzB

Just when we thought it couldn’t get any better we got not 1, but 2 Nederlanders :upside_down_face: :slightly_smiling_face:

Yay us!!


Hello, I’m Katya. I live in Russia and I love postcards. I send postcards to my relatives and me from every place where I’m traveling. But now I’m starting with Postcrossing because it’s great to send and receive postcards from all over the world. I like traveling and I like to know about the life of other people. So for me, Postcrossing is something like this: a postcard travels with a story from one country to another. It’s great!


@ashwinij @Sandra @MizzB and @Chukatya Welcome aboard! :wave: Feel free to poke around and find a corner you enjoy!