Weirdest wish

What is the weirdest wish you’ve ever found when you drew an address?

I know members who collect toilet, cemetery or breastfeeding. At first I though it’s weird, but it’s not. Some people collect those themes.
And then I read a profile who wishes for postcard related to international law and court scene. Hmmm… Where to find a postcard like that? Does this postcard really exist? Well, maybe it does.

And today I think I’ve just drew a profile with the weirdest wish ever? And what is it? It’s medical anomalies / abnormalities :scream: :scream: :scream: What??? If you don’t know what it is, just type medical anomalies / abnormalities in your google image search.

What do you think? Isn’t it weird? Lucky for me this member has many general wishes including handmade card.


Heh dude you’re in luck))
Someone collects cats, someone … THIS …
I have never seen such postcards …


I have heard of this but haven’t drawn any yet. I wish I would since I do have a card featuring Finnish outdoors toilet. :smile: And I got stamps too! :laughing:

Well, I suppose some one could have issued cards featuring antique medical illustrations. (For example, google sick rose medical illustration.) Those kind of cards could be quite interesting.


I don´t have a cemetery in my wishes, but they are really interesting. They tell a lot about the culture of the county. Some cemeteries are very famous and they are worth visiting. Some of them are like gardens.


Stamps about toilet? Wow, very unusual idea.

I’ve just googled it. I found some pictures are disturbing.

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Yes, I agree. At first I though collecting cemetery is weird but then I saw a flicker account of a member who collects cemetery. They are interesting

When you draw more addresses you may find weird wishes

I agree with you about cemeteries, they are interesting. They are like walking through a museum.


OMG I’ve drawn that one too. :dizzy_face:


Well, it is from the outside. :wink: I think it was some kind of competition for the most beautiful outdoors toilet (I’m sorry, I’m not sure what the correct English term is). Finns have usually them at their summer cottages.

Yes, I don’t consider cemeteries weird at all. I love to visit cemeteries. They do indeed tell a lot about the place, its people and history. There can be famous works of art or hidden, curious gems. Some cemeteries are also really peaceful, they have a calming atmosphere.

Yes, I didn’t mean they would be everybody’s cup of tea. Just thought that those kind of postcards could exist.

I kind of wish I would! I can’t remember any weird wish. It would be especially exciting if I could fill such a wish. I do have some really special postcards… I would be so happy if someone was looking for them!


I have ‘cemetaries’ in my wishlist. I find them very interesting. They show a lot about different cultures and even about different countries. When I travel I try to visit at least one cemetary. They are often an oasis of peace and a place where you can escape the hectic daily routine for a while.


Do you have any idea what to send if you want to fulfill that wish?

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The weirdest wish so far was someone who wanted the card in an envelope with a paper wrapper from a roll of toilet paper. I can’t remember if it was the Postcrosser or their mother who collected them. Unfortunately, I haven’t seen a roll of toilet paper wrapped in paper for years, or I would have sent her one despite the extra cost!


Some time ago I drew a profile that said:

Please send me the exact same card I have already received from someone else.

I think that was the weirdest wish I ever saw. Usually it says: please avoid duplicates…

I asked about that on the card and they said they liked receiving the same card from different people.


I sent her a “political” card from the new box (see posts passim, let me know if you want a link) and wrote a long long screed about the political message on the political card. Strangely, that was ‘fun’. :grinning:

Now that is weird. And almost impossible to fulfill.

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Actually I did have a matching card, which made me very happy :blush:


I recently drew the address of someone wishing for natural catastrophes. Luckily for her I had a Pompeii card waiting just for her! (and I don’t really think anyone else would’ve enjoyed that one)


These responses are fun to read; thank you, @yudi, for the topic! :laughing:

I appreciate unusual wish lists, as much as I enjoy being able to fulfill wishes for cat postcards. :cat2: “Weird” topics may be surprising at first, but they often have the potential to be fascinating!

Recently, I saw a wish for craters, and I was thrilled to have what I hoped would be the perfect card: a vintage postcard of Crater Lake National Park in Oregon. I hope he enjoyed it. :crossed_fingers::blush:

Something else that makes me smile is seeing funny juxtaposition in wish lists; for example:


All perfectly fine wishes. I guess the challenge would be to find a card that incorporates all of them. :rofl:


For every card ever made, there truly is a postcrosser who wants it.

I just sent a toilet card for toilet card wishlist profile last week. I was so thrilled about it. Still waiting for it to arrive!

I have also got a profile wishing for cemetery cards. Sadly, I didn’t have any right then, but I did had one years back. I still remember it because it came with the random card selection I bought from second hand shop, but it was the first cemetery themed I have ever seen. I think I sent it to somebody who liked spooky themes, but it can also be that it is still in my old card pile that is somewhere in my parents’ house.

I have also drawn profiles asking for medical themed cards and horror cards, but so far nothing else extraordinary. I am still waiting for a profile that wants card of naked woman swimming while a stuffed (once living) moose is staring at her, because I have that one and it has been waiting for home for over a year already.

I love when that happens! I once got one, and the card I sent nailed at least three wishes on the list. Can’t recall now which one it was. I will have to check my wall to see if I can find it again.