Weird marks on card, can someone help me explain

How does this happen? Its the second card in a short time, that looks like this.

This one is not so bad, the other was horrible. I’m curious…

Does anyone know?

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Most likely the marks are from sorting machines. Did that card come from the US?


No, it came from Germany, I also had this happen to another card from another country…

Looks through his map.

It also happened on a card from the UK.

I suspect it might be in the Netherlands then…

The US sorting machines tend to do that to postcards, the only reason I asked. It doesn’t always happen though. :slight_smile:


Yeah, sorting machines can be brutal on mail, especially postcards. I’m actually amazing that as many get through as they do!

Think high volume, high speeds, high pressure with postcards compressed against rollers/machinery/sometimes machine grease etc

Even some more detail:


Probably those good old sorting machines or rollers, they make cards look like they’ve been in a trash can, hopefully one day we can get rid of them

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I don’t think this is a problem just of old machines. Infact those scars get more and more in the past few years. I know for sure that at least Deutsche Post got a lot of new sorting machines in the last five years.
But I get those cards from all over the world. Not all cards are smudged and scuffed of course but a lot more than let’s say 10 or 15 years ago.

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I get these marks on at least 1/3rd of my received postcards. I almost think it’s one of the sorting machines here in Denver, as I almost never had marks like these on any of my cards when I lived in California.

Here’s an example… I just received this card:

This is what the card looked like when it was uploaded to postcrossing before it was sent:


So sad to hear about this. :frowning:

sorting machines scraping them. happen to a lot of cards I get and send


It’s really new to me, and I have received about 240 cards on the official postcrossing. I cannot remember this ever happening.

The bunny looks like it’s crying after it’s journey through the postal system.


I’m surprised neither of your damaged cards originated in the US, because USPS machines are famous for doing that. What’s worse, they scraped the stamp right off what would have been my first ever maxicard :scream: :sob:


Related to what is the price for some postcards and what you pay for stamps,
to me its an effrontery, how the cards are handled…no respect…

Modern times?

Love to remember the tiny little postoffice of my childhood…

Today I feel always in a hurry if I ask for the variety of stamps available…
So I decided to order them online…

Ok my 2cents…

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damaged on the way from Austria to Australia :disappointed_relieved:

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Thanks for bringing up this topic. That happened to a postcard I received from the UK. The middle part of the postcard look like the image melted off and it looked like a portal or wormhole opened up on the postcard. :scream_cat:

Ik zie het ook soms op mijn kaarten, is van de sortingmachine. Een van de redenen dat ik soms vraag om een envelop maar anderen vinden dat juist mooi. Blijft een discussiepunt!

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Translation for the others:
I also sometimes see it on my cards, it’s because of the sorting machine. It’s also one of the reason, why I sometimes ask for a card in an envelope. However others like it when the cards are roughed up a bit. It stays a discussed topic.


:scream:oh no! That is brutal!

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One of my cards also had a rough journey to @chubbyhamster in Australia last year :woozy_face:

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