Weekly RR - New!

Welcome to Weekly RR!

I’m siori, a new host of this RR. Nice to meet youl!
First of all, I’d like to thank to the previous hosts, MeaganS, Silver-Dream, and Ludmila Trosheva.

This RR’s group opens every week, so if you want a lot of cards exchanged, this RR is perfect for you! :blush:

Basically a new group opens every Thursday and closes on the following Thursday. However, whenever the group becomes full, the host closes it and opens a new group.
The group consists of at least two members up to several members.
You can send any cards.
But please remember that you send nice new store-bought cards only.
And it’d be nice if you consider your group members’ preferences written on their official profile pages.
All cards are written, stamped, and sent.

The rules are:
When you want to join:
*Click Reply button at the bottom and post Group number.
*Send the host your name and address only when you join for the first time.
You click my avatar or my name ‘siori’ next to my avatar, then my profile page appears.
You click ’ message’ on the upper right corner, and you can send your message from there.

*Up to two members per country in a group.

On Thursdays:
*You’ll receive the names and addresses of your group members from the host through your message box.
*Send your cards to everyone in your group in two weeks.
*Do not forget to write your group number and user name on your cards.
*Click Reply button at the bottom and post when you send and receive any card.
*If your card doesn’t arrive in two months, you need to resend a card.

Let’s join and have fun! :sparkles: :tada: :ticket:

Open Group -----

Group 33
1.mommerson (USA)

Waiting list - - -
- None

:two_hearts:A surprise card from the host :two_hearts:
Since I became the host of this RR, I enjoy myself so much being the host, thanks to all of you participating and make this RR a fun place :heavy_heart_exclamation:
I have received some thank-you-cards from the participants which I felt honoured, and grateful. :hugs:
So to show my gratitude, you’ll receive a surprise thank-you card from me from time to time in the future.
You’ll never know who receives it as it’s a secret. :wink: :blush:


Travelling Groups - - - -

Group 32 - addresses sent on 20/4/2021
Indian Post suspends mail to Kazakhstan, so djctv2020 and Vicky_Strange skip each other, please.
1.mommerson (USA)
2.-Corinne- (Netherlands)
3.Jill203 (USA)
4.djctv2020 (India)
5.cleopatra-matta (Italy)
6.Penny999 (Germany)
7.Sonnenblumen (Spain)
8.Vicky_Strange (Kazakhstan)

Group 31 - addresses sent on 17/4/2021
1.frozenstorm44 (USA)
2.scooby39 (USA) - sent
3.elenion (China) - sent
4.roxy (Canada) - sent
5.Biene1973 (Germany)
6.-Corinne- (Netherlands) - sent
7.sprit (Taiwan) - sent
8.Asami (Japan) - sent

Group 30 - addresses sent on 15/4/2021
1.mommerson (USA) - sent
2.jaqueposts (USA) - sent
3.LisaSoe (Germany) - sent
4.Siebenstein (Germany) - /rec from LisaSoe
5.sprit (Taiwan) - sent
6.gucci_girl (Netherlands) - sent
7.caroly (Lithuania) - sent
8.Zaara (Finland)

Group 29 - addresses sent on 13/4/2021
1.PamUSAOhio (USA) - sent
2.belikeasunflower90 (USA) - sent/rec from PamUSAOhio
3.Biene1973 (Germany) - sent
4.@_Lexa_ (Germany) - sent
5.EllisAndersen (Netherlands) - /rec from Biene1973
6.redison44 (Russia) - sent
7.roxy (Canada) - sent
8.Stefaniex (Belgium) - sent/rec from belikeasunflower90

Group 28 - addresses sent on 10/4/2021
1.sraelling (USA) - sent/rec from mysweetlife63
2.mysweetlife63 (USA) - sent/rec from sraelling
3.Argentea (Italy) - sent/rec from LindaJ, mabie
4.mabie (Germany) - sent/rec from LindaJ, bucia, sraelling
5.LindaJ (Switzerland) - sent/rec from mabie
6.bucia (Netherlands) - sent/rec from mabie, LindaJ
7.AriannaMenghini (Italy) - sent/rec from LindaJ, mabie
8.salgueira (Potugal) - sent/rec from LindaJ, mabie

Group 27 - addresses sent on 8/4/2021
1.mommerson (USA) - sent/rec from _Lexa_
2.maami (USA) - sent
3.Nebelung (Germany) - sent
4.linda_hyq (China) - sent
5.sprit (Taiwan) - sent
6.@_Lexa_ (Germany) - sent/rec from Nebelung, roxy
7.roxy (Canada) - sent
8.Lyzxcy (China) - sent/rec from linda_hyq

Group 26 - addresses sent on 7/4/2021
1.CeceG (USA) - sent/rec from Laidlaw
2.Laidlaw (USA) - sent
3.oi_aennyy (Germany) - sent/rec from -Corinne-
4.mickykitty (Germany)
5.Vule101 (India) - sent
6.dorrra (China) - sent
7.-Corinne- (Netherlands) - sent/rec from oi_aennyy, Laidlaw, Asami
8.Asami (Japan) - sent/rec from oi_aennyy, Laidlaw, dorrra, -Corinne-

Group 25 - addresses sent on 5/4/2021
1.albertsonara (USA) - sent/rec from -Corinne-
2.jewelldelis (USA) - sent/rec from -Corinne-
3.verooro (Russia) - sent
4.JasmineYao (China) - sent
5.-Corinne- (Netherlands) - sent/rec from whiskersonkittens, jewelldelis, albertsonara, sprit
6.sprit (Taiwan) - sent
7.whiskersonkittens (UK) - sent/rec from -Corinne-
8.Sonnenblumen (Spain) - sent/rec from albertsonara, -Corinne-, jewelldelis

Group 24 - addresses sent on 3/4/2021
1.mommerson (USA) - sent/rec MonkeyBrain, Stefaniex
2.MonkeyBrain (USA) - sent/rec from Stefaniex, Syrenany
3.WendySun (China) - sent
4.Syrenany (Canada) - sent/rec from Stefaniex, MonkeyBrain, thuegirl
5.Stefaniex (Belgium) - sent/rec from thuegirl, mommerson, MonkeyBrain, Syrenany
6.melimar (Greece) - sent
7.thuegirl (Germany) - sent/rec from Stefaniex, MonkeyBrain, Syrenany
8.mickykitty (Germany) - /rec from Stefaniex

Group 23 - addresses sent on 31/3/2021
1.Chrizzie (Netherlands) - sent/rec from Corinne, Laidlaw, sprit
2.-Corinne- (Netherlands) - sent/rec from Chrizzie, Laidlaw, sprit, sforsally
3.Joey_Naaeik (India) - sent
4.McArno (China) - sent/rec from Laidlaw
5.Laidlaw (USA) - sent/rec from -Corinne-, frozenstorm44, Chrizzie
6.sforsally (UK) - sent/rec from Chrizzie, -Corinne-, Laidlaw, frozenstorm44, Joey\Naaeik
7.frozenstorm44 (USA) - sent/rec from Laidlaw, sprit, sforsally
8.sprit (Taiwan) - sent

Group 22 - addresses sent on 28/3/2021
1.WendySun (China) - sent/rec from mabie
2.mabie (Germany) - sent/rec from Corinne, mommerson, PamUSAOhio, Sonnenblumen, sprit, WendySun
3.Sonnenblumen (Spain) - sent/rec from mabie, -Corinne-, mommerson, PamUSAOhio
4.mickykitty (Germany) - sent/rec from mabie, Corinne, PamUSAOhio, Sonnenblumen, sprit
5.-Corinne- (Netherlands) - sent/rec from mabie, PamUSAOhio, mommerson, Sonnenblumen, sprit
6.PamUSAOhio (USA) - sent/rec from mabie, -Corrine-, mickykitty
7.mommerson (USA) - sent/rec from PamUSAOhio, mabie, -Corrine-
8.sprit (Taiwan) - sent

Group 21 - addresses sent on 24/3/2021
1.scooby39 (USA) - sent/rec from EllisAndersen, CeceG
2.EllisAndersen (Netherlands) - sent/rec from scooby39, sprit, ibed, Lyzxcy, CeceG, Joey_Naaeik
3.CeceG (USA) - sent/rec from scooby39, sprit, Joey_Naaeik
4.linda_hyq (China) - sent
5.sprit (Taiwan) - sent
6.ibed (Spain) - sent/rec from EllisAndersen
7.Lyzxcy (China) - sent/rec from linda_hyq, ibed
8.Joey_Naaeik (India) - sent

Group 20 - addresses sent on 22/3/2021
1.katie333 (Canada) - sent/rec Laidlaw, PamUSAOhio, caroly, Z001
2.tangyaya (China) - sent/rec from Z001, sprit, PamUSAOhio, Laidlaw, caroly, katie333
3.Laidlaw (USA) - sent/rec from PamUSAOhio, Z001, caroly
4.sprit (Taiwan) - sent/rec from Z001, Laidlaw, katie333
5.mickykitty (Germany) - sent/rec from caroly, Laidlaw, PamUSAOhio, sprit, tangyaya
6.caroly (Lithuania) - sent/rec from mickykitty, PamUSAOhio, Laidlaw, katie333, Z001
7.Z001 (Japan) - sent/rec from PamUSAOhio, katie333, sprit, Laidlaw, caroly, tangyaya
8.PamUSAOhio (USA) - sent/rec from Laidlaw, katie333, Z001, caroly, mickykitty, sprit

Group 19 - addresses sent on 22/3/2021
1.MonkeyBrain (USA) - sent/rec from LisaSoe, Biene1973, frozenstorm44, Vilmukka, Vule101
2.frozenstorm44 (USA) - sent/rec from MonkeyBrain, cleopatra-matta, Biene1973, LisaSoe
3.LisaSoe (Germany) - sent/rec Biene1973, MonkeyBrain, frozenstorm44, Vule101, Xute, cleopatra-matta
4.cleopatra-matta (Italy) - sent/rec from Biene1973, LisaSoe, MonkeyBrain, frozenstorm44, Vilmukka
5.Biene1973 (Germany) - sent/rec all :slightly_smiling_face:
6.Vilmukka (Finland) - /rec from Biene1973, LisaSoe, Vule101
7.Xute (Russia) - sent/rec rom Biene1973, frozenstorm44
8.Vule101 (India) - sent/rec from MonkeyBrain, Biene1973, cleopatra-matta, LisaSoe, frozenstorm44

Group 18 - addresses sent on 20/3/2021
1.mommerson (USA) - sent/rec from PamUSAOhio, sforsally, WriteASmile, mezzanine2, mabie
2.PamUSAOhio (USA) - sent/rec from mommerson, WriteASmile, mezzanine2, mabie, mickykitty, sprit
3.sprit (Taiwan) - sent/rec from PamUSAOhio, WriteASmile, mezzanine2
4.sforsally (UK) - sent/rec from mabie, WriteASmile, PamUSAOhio, mommerson, mezzanine2, mickykitty
5.mickykitty (Germany) - sent/rec from sforsally, WriteASmile, PamUSAOhio, mezzanine2
6.mezzanine2 (Canada) - sent/rec from WriteASmile, mabie, mommerson, sforsally, PamUSAOhio
7.WriteASmile (UK) - sent/rec from mabie, sforsally, PamUSAOhio, mommerson, mezzanine2
8.mabie (Germany) - sent/rec all :slightly_smiling_face:

Group 17 - addresses sent on 19/3/2021
1.mysweetlife63 (USA) - sent/rec from BarbL, _Lexa_, LindaJ, bucia
2.BarbL (USA) - sent/rec from mysweetlife63, bucia, LindaJ
3.@_Lexa_ (Germany) - sent/rec all :slightly_smiling_face:
4.redison44 (Russia) - sent/rec from Hella_sp, LindaJ, BarbL, _Lexa_, bucia, mysweetlife63
5.LindaJ (Switzerland) - sent/rec all :slightly_smiling_face:
6.JasmineYao (China) - sent/rec from mysweetlife63, _Lexa_, redison44, LindaJ, BarbL
7.bucia (Netherlands) - sent/rec all :slightly_smiling_face:
8.Hella_sp (Russia) - sent/rec from redison44

Group 16 - addresses sent on 18/3/2021
1.jaqueposts (USA) - sent/rec from scooby39, sprit, Nique, EllisAndersen, sunrider, katie333
2.scooby39 (USA) - sent/rec from jaquepposts, sprit, katie333, mabie, Nique, EllisAndersen
3.sprit (Taiwan) - sent/rec from scooby39, jaqueposts, sunrider, mabie
4.mabie (Germany) - sent/rec all :slightly_smiling_face:
5.Nique (Canada) - sent/rec from katie333, sunrider, jaqueposts, scooby39, mabie, EllisAndersen
6.katie333 (Canada) - sent/rec from Nique, jaqueposts, sunrider, scooby39, mabie, EllisAndersen
7.sunrider (Germany) - sent/rec all :slightly_smiling_face:
8.EllisAndersen (Netherlands) - sent/rec all :slightly_smiling_face:

Group 15 - addresses sent on 12/3/2021
1.esca0417 (USA) - sent/rec from ilovepiggies, mickykitty, sprit, LisaSoe, raichiaki
2.ilovepiggies_ (USA) - sent/rec from sprit, raichiaki, esca0417, LisaSoe
3.LisaSoe (Germany) - sent/rec from ilovepiggies, raichiaki, sprit, Hella_sp, esca0417, linda_hyq
4.Hella_sp (Russia) - sent/rec from LisaSoe, linda_hyq
5.raichiaki (Japan) - sent/rec all :slightly_smiling_face:
6.linda_hyq (China) - sent/rec from LisaSoe, ilovepiggies, raichiaki, mickykitty, sprit
7.mickykitty (Germany) - sent/rec from LisaSoe, ilovepiggies, sprit, Hella_sp
8.sprit (Taiwan) - sent/rec from linda_hyq, raichiaki, ilovepiggies, esca0417

Group 14 - addresses sent on 11/3/2021
1.frozenstorm44 (USA) - sent/rec all :slightly_smiling_face:
2.maami (USA) - sent/rec from frozenstorm44, sprit, Biene1973, caroly, Nelli, eeyoreinoz
3.Biene1973 (Germany) - sent/rec from Nelli, caroly, frozenstorm44, eeyoreinoz
4.sprit (Taiwan) - sent/rec from Biene1973, frozenstorm44, maami, cleopatra-matta
5.eeyoreinoz (Australia) - sent/rec from Nelli, Biene1973, cleopatra-matta, frozenstorm44
6.Nelli (Finland) - sent/rec from caroly, frozenstorm44
7.caroly (Lithuania) - sent/rec from Biene1973, Nelli, frozenstorm44, maami
8.cleopatra-matta (Italy) - sent/rec from Biene1973, caroly, frozenstorm44, maami, eeyoreinoz, Nelli

Group 13 - addresses sent on 5/3/2021
1.Laidlaw (USA) - sent/rec all :slightly_smiling_face:
2.scooby39 (USA) - sent/rec :slightly_smiling_face:
3.bucia (Netherlands) - sent/rec all :slightly_smiling_face:
4.sunrider (Germany) - sent/rec all :slightly_smiling_face:
5.sprit (Taiwan) - sent/rec from scooby39, sunrider, Laidlaw

Group 12 - addresses sent on 2/3/2021
1.BarbL (USA) - sent/rec all :slightly_smiling_face:
2.PamUSAOhio (USA) - sent/rec from BarbL, mezzanine2, kj8888, S-B, LisaSoe, Vule101
3.sprit (Taiwan) - sent/rec all :slightly_smiling_face:
4.Vule101 (India) - sent/rec from PamUSAOhio, mezzanine2, BarbL, LisaSoe, kj8888
5.LisaSoe (Germany) - sent/rec all :slightly_smiling_face:
6.S-B (France) - sent/rec all :slightly_smiling_face:
7.mezzanine2 (Canada) - sent/rec from kj8888, LisaSoe, S-B, BarbL, PamUSAOhio, sprit
8.kj8888 (Canada) - sent/rec from LisaSoe, mezzanine2, BarbL, PamUSAOhio, S-B, Vule101

Group 11 - addresses sent on 26/2/2021
1.Pamela0904 (USA) - sent/rec from frozenstorm44, sforsally, WannZzz, Penny999, ibed, cleopatra-matta
2.frozenstorm44 (USA) - sent/rec from sforsally, Penny999, ibed, Pamela0904, WannZzz, cleopatra-matta
3.sforsally (UK) - sent/rec all :slightly_smiling_face:
4.Vegerle (Russia) - sent/rec from frozenstorm44, Penny999, sforsally, cleopatra-matta, WannZzz, ibed
5.WannZzz (Sweeden) - sent/rec all :slightly_smiling_face:
6.Penny999 (Germany) - sent/rec all :slightly_smiling_face:
7.ibed (Spain) - sent/rec from sforsally, cleopatra-matta, WannZzz, Penny999, frozenstorm44
8.cleopatra-matta (Italy) - sent/rec from sforsally, Penny999, ibed, frozenstorm44, WannZzz, Pamela0904

Group 10 - addresses sent on 25/2/2021
1.scooby39 (USA) - sent/rec from mysweetlife63, Stefaniex, Lexa, sprit
2.mysweetlife63 (USA) - sent/rec scooby39, Stefaniex, Lexa, sprit, mickykitty
3.mickykitty (Germany) - sent/rec from Lexa, Stefaniex, sprit, scooby39, mysweetlife63, tangyaya
4.tangyaya (China) - sent/rec from Stefaniex, scooby39, mickykitty, sprit, mickykitty
5.Stefaniex (Belgium) - sent/rec from Lexa, mysweetlife63, scooby39, mickykitty ,tangyaya
6.sprit (Taiwan) - sent/rec from scooby39, mysweetlife63, Stefaniex, Lexa, mickykitty, tangyaya
7.jilltootee (Philippines) - sent/rec from tangyaya, sprit, scooby39, Lexa, Stefaniex
8._Lexa_ (Germany) - sent/rec from Stefaniex, mysweetlife63, sprit, mickykitty, tangyaya

Group 9 - addresses sent on19/2/2021
1.frozenstorm44 (USA) - sent/rec from Laidlaw, Z001, LisaSoe, Penny999, lanaja, Sonnenblumen
2.Laidlaw (USA) - sent/rec all :slightly_smiling_face:
3.LisaSoe (Germany) - sent/rec all :slightly_smiling_face:
4.Z001 (Japan) - sent/rec all :slightly_smiling_face:
5.Penny999 (Germany) - sent/rec all :slightly_smiling_face:
6.Sonnenblumen (Spain) - sent/rec all :slightly_smiling_face:
7.linda_hyq (China) - sent/rec all :slightly_smiling_face:
8.lanaja (Germany) - sent/rec all :slightly_smiling_face:

Group 8 - addresses sent on 18/2/2021
1.jaqueposts (USA) - sent/rec from maami, Hella_sp, Lexa, EllisAndersen, Vule101
2.maami (USA) - sent/rec from jaqueposts, EllisAndersen, Lexa, Hella_sp, mickykitty, Vule101
3.Vule101 (India) - sent/rec from Lexa, maami, EllisAndersen, Hella_sp,verooro, jaqueposts
4.verooro (Russia) - sent/rec from Hella_sp, Lexa, EllisAndersen, maami, mickykitty, jaqueposts
5. _Lexa_ (Germany) - sent/rec all :slightly_smiling_face:
6.mickykitty (Germany) - sent/rec all :slightly_smiling_face:
7.EllisAndersen (Netherlands) - sent/rec all :slightly_smiling_face:
8.Hella_sp (Russia) - sent/rec from verooro, Lexa, jaqueposts, EllisAndersen, maami, mickykitty

Group 7 - addresses sent on 15/2/2021
1.GeoJosh (USA) - cancelled
2.PamUSAOhio (USA) - sent/rec all :slightly_smiling_face:
3.mickykitty (Germany) - sent/rec all :slightly_smiling_face:
4.Nelli (Finland) - sent/rec all :slightly_smiling_face:
5.aisasami (Japan) - sent/rec from katie333, mickykitty
6.cleopatra-matta (Italy) - sent/rec from Nebelung, Nelli, katie333, PamUSAOhio, aisasami
7.Nebelung (Germany) - sent/rec all :slightly_smiling_face:
8.katie333 (Canada) - sent/rec all :slightly_smiling_face:

Group 6 - addresses sent on 14/2/2021
Note: No.4 -sumi- can’t send her cards to Taiwan and Russia,
so No.1 sprit and No.5 Vegerle, please skip her.

1.sprit (Taiwan) - sent/rec from katie333, frozenstorm44, scooby39, Penny999, Lexa
2.frozenstorm44 (USA) - sent/rec from Lexa, katie333, sprit
3.scooby39 (USA) - sent/rec from frozenstorm44, katie333, Penny999, sprit, -sumi-, Lexa
4.-sumi- (Brazil) - sent/rec all :slightly_smiling_face:
5.Vegerle (Russia) - sent/rec from Lexa, scooby39, Penny999, katie333
6. _Lexa_ (Germany) - sent/rec all :slightly_smiling_face:
7.Penny999 (Germany) - sent/rec all :slightly_smiling_face:
8.katie333 (Canada) - sent/rec from Penny999, Lexa, scooby39, frozenstorm44, sumi, Vegerle

Group 5 - addresses sent on 10/2/2021
1.GeoJosh (USA) - sent/rec all :slightly_smiling_face:
2.preethi21 (India) - sent/rec from Laidlaw, mezzanine2, mickykitty, GeoJosh, bucia, jelenne
3.mezzanine2 (Canada) - sent/rec all :slightly_smiling_face:
4.Laidlaw (USA) - sent/rec all :slightly_smiling_face:
5.LinF (China) - sent/rec from jelenne, Laidlaw, GeoJosh, preethi21, bucia
6.mickykitty (Germany) - sent/rec all :slightly_smiling_face:
7.bucia (Netherlands) - sent/rec all :slightly_smiling_face:
8.jelenne (Lithuania) - sent/rec all :slightly_smiling_face:

Group 4 - addresses sent on 5/2/2021
1.jewelldelis (USA) - sent/rec all :slightly_smiling_face:
2.scooby39 (USA) - sent/rec from mezzanine2, jewelldelis, sheandherpostcards, EllisAndersen
3.mickykitty (Germany) - sent/rec all :slightly_smiling_face:
4.EllisAndersen (Netherlands) - sent/rec all :slightly_smiling_face:
5.mezzanine2 (Canada) - sent/rec all :slightly_smiling_face:
6.sheandherpostcards (Singapore) - sent/rec all :slightly_smiling_face:

Group 3 - addresses sent on 29/1/2021
1.LisaSoe (Germany) - sent/rec from WriteASmile, WannZzz, sraelling, PamUSAOhio, Siebenstein, dearchristy
2.PamUSAOhio (USA) - sent/rec from sraelling, WriteASmile, WannZzz, LisaSoe, Siebenstein, dearchristy
3.sraelling (USA) - sent/rec from PamUSAOhio, LisaSoe, WriteASmile, WannZzz, dearchristy, Siebenstein
4.WriteASmile (UK) - sent/rec from LisaSoe, sraelling, Siebenstein, WannZzz, dearcristy, PamUSAOhio
5.aleelay (Mexico) - sent
6.WannZzz (Sweeden) - sent/rec from LisaSoe, WriteASmile, sraelling, PamUSAOhio, Siebenstein, dearchristy
7.dearchristy (Japan) - sent/rec from PamUSAOhio, sraelling, WriteASmile, LisaSoe, WannZzz, Siebenstein
8.Siebenstein (Germany) - sent/rec from WriteASmile, LisaSoe, sraelling, WannZzz, PamUSAOhio, dearcristy

Group 2 - addresses sent on 25/1/2021
1.bizzyizzy (USA) - sent/rec from katie333, sforsally, aisasami, Sonnenblumen
2.Sonnenblumen (Spain) - sent/rec all :slightly_smiling_face:
3.tangyaya (China) - sent/rec from Sonnenblumen, aisasami, sforsally, bizzyizzy, Venerka-kotletka, scooby39
4.aisasami (Japan) - sent/rec from scooby39, sforsally, tangyaya, katie333
5.Venerka-kotletka (Russia) - sent/ sforsally, katie333, Sonnenblumen, tangyaya, scooby39
6.sforsally (UK) - sent/rec all :slightly_smiling_face:
7.scooby39 (USA) - sent/rec all :slightly_smiling_face:
8.katie333 (Canada) - sent/rec from scooby39, bizzyizzy, aisasami, Sonnenblumen, tangyaya


Completed Groups - - - -

Group 1 - addresses sent on 24/1/2021
1.mommi (USA) - sent - - No reply to the host’s message
2.scooby39 (USA) - sent/rec all :slightly_smiling_face:
3.shugal (Germany) - sent/rec all :slightly_smiling_face:
4.Joyful_SMILE (New Zealand) - sent/rec all :slightly_smiling_face:
5.Z001 (Japan) - sent/rec all :slightly_smiling_face:
6.Shalottslady (Belgium) - sent/rec all :slightly_smiling_face:
7.ibed (Spain) - sent/rec all :slightly_smiling_face:
8.Vule101 (India) - sent/rec :slightly_smiling_face:

Can I join…:blush:

Hi :raising_hand_woman:t2: I’d like to join please, thanks!

Great! :smiley:
Welcome, @mommi and @scooby39!! :smiley:

Thank you @siori

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I would also like to join.

Group 1 please. :grin:

I’d like to join

Welcome, @shugal and @Joyful_SMILE!! :smiley:

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Thank you so much for joining the RR, however there’re already two members from US in Group 1.
So could you please wait till Group 2 opens?
Thank you for your understanding.

Shiori-san, that sounds interesting! I would like to join.

Yes I can

Welcome, @Z001! :smiley:
Thank you, @bizzyizzy! :blush:

Hi, I would love to join group 1, please. I’m from Belgium. Thxxx

Hello Siori! I would also like to join, group 1. From Spain!

@siori Thank you! I would like to join, Vule101 from India!

Welcome, @Shalottslady, @ibed, and @Vule101!!! :smiley:

Wow, thanks to you all, Group 1 has become full in one day! :astonished:
I’ll send the addresses soon. :wink:


Hello Siori! Can we join group 2?