Warning to use existing threads?

I get the sense that sometimes new people will post an issue without checking beforehand whether that topic/issue has been covered already.

@delenn_mir brought up an issue that bears noting. While there are many fine hosts/moderators in the Forum. Some should not be allowed to host RRs or moderated tags; primarily because they can’t give attention to them. Please understand these are in the minority, but their lax attitude is problematic. I’ll give you an example. There was an interesting tag I wanted to join, so I looked at the open Groups. One of the rules for this group was only one member per country. I’m not keen about that particular restriction, but I still posted my request to join after seeing no other US members in the group.

A day later, I get a snippy reply from the host “Sorry…only one member from each country.” This absentee host had not done ANY updating in more than a month! A month! And I am supposed to scroll down and around and try and see whether there was another US member ahead of me who wanted to join? Gimme a break; don’t be lazy & do your job and update your group or contact Fisherman that you can’t fulfill your responsibility as host. Since she didn’t, I did contact Brian. I’ve contacted him about other hosts who drifted away from their groups without a word. And so it goes…

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This topic is slipping pretty far into off-topic.
The suggestion here is :arrow_down:

For other questions or talks please use other existing topics.
You can find them via the search :mag: in the upper right corner oder via looking through different categories.

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