Vatican City Postage Rates?

I will be visiting Vatican City this summer during a study abroad trip with my school and would like to send some postcards while I’m there. Unfortunately, the day that we are visiting is a Sunday, which means that the Vatican Museum and Post Office are going to be closed for business. I assume there will still be a mailbox to drop my postcards in to send out even though the post office is closed, but I’ll need to buy stamps online in advance so that I can do that.
I was wondering if anyone knows what the current postage rates are so that I can buy the correct stamps online.
What is the rate for sending postcards to Europe, and what is the rate for sending postcards to the United States?
Thank you for your help!


Vatican (and also San Marino) have always the same postal rate as Italy.


We have 3 zone of postal rate . 1,25 and 2,40 and 3,10 , countries you can see . Cards without envelope and in envelope until 20 gr the same price.
And you are right , Sunday it’s closed. Be careful , mail it only inside Vatican post boxes :mailbox: , not Italian.


Is it difficult to get Vatican City addresses from Postcrossing? How can you guarantee getting Vatican City rather than Italian?

Get in touch with @meiadeleite who will help you change your address to Vatican City and back. That’s what I did last year.


Bought a stamp directly inside the Vatican to send a postcard to Germany and it cost €1.4 instead of €1.25, so not sure if there has been any change.