USPS is increasing the price of mail in July 2022

I too think there’s something wrong with that chart. Although the chart doesn’t link to any Deutsche Post links, I think it’s from this document.

On page 7, there’s a chart comparing domestic prices where Finland is in second spot at 3.35 € . The methodology says that for domestic letters, they have considered the fastest letter mail product in all countries which carries a nextday delivery target. I suppose this is letter mail with proof of delivery and not a normal letter.

Further down in the document, there’s another chart comparing prices of sending within Europe and here I see Finland with 1.95 € . But these charts seem to compare prices of letter products that are delivered quicker rather than normal mail.


In some countries the postal service is very expensive.
In Austria:

-Economy normal letter 0,74 EUR (2-4 days, sometimes also 1 day)
-Priority normal letter 0,85 EUR (1-2 days)

Europe (also Russia)
-Normal letter 1,00 EUR

Global (without Europe)
-Normal letter 1,80 EUR


Thank you, it seems the 3, 35€ could be the price of normal mail stamp and “Plus”-stamp together, that guarantees the mail delivered in two working days and you can follow it and see when it’s delivered.


In Austria you cannot follow a normal letter. If you pay 2,75 you can follow it but not very precisely.

If the price goes up so be it, unless it is what I suspect it really is, which would be more personal funds for the likes of Trump, DeJoy, and the rest of the gang.

The price of everything (gas, food, transportation, clothes, cars, utilities) has gone up a lot this year, so why is anyone surprised?

I had never thought too hard about how carrier pigeoning worked. That makes a lot of sense. So they’re a very one-way use though - did someone have to bring a bunch of them back to the “field office” for comms with HQ then if they dont know how to fly back?

I’m totally in support of the USPS being market competitive and supporting themselves. I’m sad that it is corresponding with my postcrossing revival though! :slight_smile: I’m wondering if this means i need to stock up on those god awful international forever stamps though. Edit: Looks like they are releasing a new 2022 version but it’s still in the flower theme which i do not love.

You don’t have to. You can combine domestic forever stamps with valued stamps to get to international value.
Here’s a link on what works currently:

I honestly feel like I live under a rock sometimes. I sent out a bunch of mail on July 12th, only to find out about the postage increase today! I’m usually good at keeping up with the increases, but there are a few times where I just don’t check.
I wonder if there is a simple way to notify all people about this … like those automated text messages, or could it be a simple card that get’s mailed to everyone like junk mail style? Or is it just me, not watching the news/television to know this? Ugh, probably silly suggestions, but my brain is just trying to make sense of this recent change that it didn’t get to process in time.

Another thought! Probably far-fetched and complicated to keep up, but wouldn’t it be neat if through Postcrossing, it gave you the postage fee when you request an address?