Using 'sheng' instead of 'province' in Chinese address

Such as my link above.
It’s Chinese character '省’ which pronounce as ‘sheng’, but in all the education I received, it should be PROVICE IN ENGLISH.
As for the definition in English, I think it will be easy for the forum staff to find the official title for it.
Oddly enough, I’ve seen a mix of Chinese and English on the forums many times, the most common form of them is the use of abbreviated Hanyu Pinyin as an English word. e.g, China’s current currency is CNY in English, not RMB short for RenMinBi.
Hope the forum will be more rigorous in its expression.


And how we call a geographical name?

1.all CHN: Dalian Shi, Liaoning Sheng
2.trans it in ENG, however, the expression is still in Chinese form: Dalian City, Liaoning Province
3. what we really do for ENG reader: Dalian, LN. Just like stats of US, but we have two different provinces with approximate abbreviations. Or the code following.

If the Chinese postal code is correct, and the Chinese postal translator recognizes the Pinyin written ‘province’ name, does it matter?

Postcrossing does not provide this data itself, but is using an external source. See here for more information:


It doesn’t matter, as long as it can be recognized

I believe this would be down to the locations dataset that PC uses. I can’t imagine they would do it manually. It seems it isn’t really standardized and often the district is in the local language (transcribed to latin letters). Look at my location. For people from Vienna, it says (Vienna, Wien), which is Vienna first in English, then in German…


I can accept that the detailed data is not very accurate, but the misrepresentation of the province that covers a billion people is an exaggeration

I get your point, but if you read the complete statement by paulo you know what you (and everyone else noticing inconsistency, mistakes etc) can do about it. Go to the database’s website and submit these. If they’re corrected there, the data here on Postcrossing will get the update eventually.

He even explains why it doesn’t make sense to fix it here on this website. (all fixes would be lost with each update)

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I read it just now. It’s currently beyond my ability to modify this database