Using old USA stamps for Postcrossing

Been doing this for years. Have to be careful with orders to NOT get unuseable stamps. I started when I could get deals as low as 37 cents on the dollar. Now with so many finding this approach the ratio is closer to 66 cents on the dollar. But hey - it’s all good.

What started as a bargain turned into an obsession. My motto - make mail more fun for family and friends. The old stamps help!!


They have global forever stamps

Most recipients prefer a nice mix of other stamps. I use those globals one in a blue moon, mostly the poinsettas at Christmas time

I recently found out that some sellers/dealers get stamps from businesses that are closing and then sell them as a discount.

I got several sheets of global stamps for $9.00 each from such a seller. That made my cost $0.90 per stamp instead of $1.55. They were all the succulent stamp but you can’t beat a savings of $0.65 per stamp.

I only send a mix of US stamps if the person is stamp collector or requests it.

Sounds like counterfeit stamps to me. Too good to be true. The counterfeit sellers will list some made up story of getting them from businesses closing.

Dealers do buy out old collections and you can get old stamps for face value or maybe a bit below, but new forevers and Globals? Not likely, but if for some odd reason they are legit then congrats! The succulents are nice

No, the one I have been dealing with is legit. I have bought from them 3 times and used the stamps with no problem. I recently bought from a different seller on ebay and those stamps have not been returned by USPS either. I don’t deny that there are crooks out there but I have been lucky so far.

Have you looked on ebay lately? I am a stamp collector and have been buying stamps for the last 4 years. There are lots of sellers with forever and Global stamps. They don’t just buy stamp collections, some don’t even deal in stamps. Sometimes they get good deals because they get stamps as a by-product of buying from closed businesses.

But as always, it is buyer beware. But then again you take a chance anytime you buy anything from ebay no mater what it is.

Glad they’re working OK for you.
Businesses in general don’t use stamps, and the amount of closing businesses selling excess stamps needed to supply them stock, just doesn’t make sense to me. I wonder how they look next to a sheet from USPS directly.