Used Stamps for a Postcard

Hi, so as a rule, how many Used Postage Stamps would you offer for ONE written and stamped postcard from destination or other theme? Do you offer more for a rare country or particular theme?

Thanks all…


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Hello Ed,

I would say 20-25 stamps, large size per card. I recently sent another trader 100 Stamps for (5) of her First Day Covers; or 20 stamps of mine for one of her covers. The trade worked well.

On the other hand, I had groups of 25-30 Postage stamps (by Country or a WW mix) in my trade albums for exchange for (1) Unwritten postcard of my choosing. I eventually removed that album because no one seemed to be interested. I hope you have a different experience.

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Hi thanks for this. I have some spare used stamps and don’t collect, so want to swap them with those that do for a postcard. :slight_smile:

You are welcome. You might try offering your stamps in PostCrossing’s stamp section for trades. You might get a few bites there…

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