Uploading a picture for a sent card?

I forgot to upload a picture for a card I sent out. It’s been recieved and registered today. It looks like I can’t upload a picture of it anymore? Is this correct?

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Correct. The sender can upload the image while the card is travelling, up to the point when it is being registered. After that the receiver of the card can upload it, if they wish to do so.


Dang it. Ok, thank you. I’m bummed because it was a unique card and just slipped my mind :frowning:


Oh, that’s a sad thing. I’m like that whenever I forget it too. Once I sent a beautiful card inside an envelope (as requested by the receiver) and after closing it I remembered, but I didn’t want to rip the envelope, so I added a little note like “please, could you upload it? (…)” but they didn’t. I even recall the person saying something about it in the thank you message, but they probably forgot it too. Oh, well…

About your question, yes, as said above, it’s correct. The card’s now with the receiver and they can change/delete the picture and edit image description. After all, it’s their card.

Better luck next time!


Read the Bonus question for the explanation

Postcrossing Team.

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You could try and send a friendly message asking about an upload. I assume you have the scan, so you can also offer to provide this scan somehow. With dropbox or similar it even can be done without exchanging private email-adresses.

Don’t know if you’ll succeed, but it’s worth a try


It’s ok. Lesson learned, I guess. Thanks for the help everyone!

As a newbie I have sent out my first 5 cards but they’re still travelling right now. I didn’t upload them as presumed the recipient did that when they receive and register them. Reading through this thread I’m now thinking I should be uploading before I send from now on?

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Yes, to be on the safe side and not depend on the goodwill of the receiver. It is still possible that the receiver deletes the image later. But I think it happens not that often.


Ok,thank you for your help :hugs:

It’s not just a question of goodwill - not everyone has the ability to scan and upload an image.

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You can upload the pictures as long as the cards are not registered.

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But don’t feel like you must upload photos of the postcards you sent. You can do it if you want to, but if you don’t want to or are able to (for whatever reason) it’s totally OK to avoid doing it.


Thanks! I didn’t scan them though :rofl: next time.

I don’t mind I just presumed the recipient did it. I will upload next time :smile:

Maybe you’re lucky and the recipient does it for you. It’s not rude to ask :slight_smile:

I don’t have access to a scanner, is a photo acceptable? I can see problems with light and image alignment if I did it that way. It could make it look terrible.

@anon141542 just upload a photo and is okay too.

Yes! Perhaps the Google Photo Scan App can help you if you have a smartphone.


Yes it is.