Unusual places you wrote postcards from…

Sounds very interesting!

@Siberianamerican Very interesting thread :+1:t5:

Can add one here, from the World’s highest P.O @Hikkim, Himachal Pradesh.
One from India’s last (or first) P.O @ the frontier, @Chitkul, Himachal Pradesh.


I just brought my cards to my college, and see my friends sorting them and helping me:)


What an interesting topic ! :smile: Thanks for creating it !

My favorite postcrossing memory :

I wrote a postcard to a Lithuanian girl in the grotto of Bom Jesus do Monte sanctuary in Braga, Portugal :portugal: last Summer. It is one of my favourite places in the world! :earth_africa:
I bought the postcard at the souvenir shop and sat in the grotto by the water. It was so peaceful. I ignored the people who passed by and wrote my postcard.
Then I took a picture of the postcard in front of the grotto (see the link below) and sent it in the mailbox which was nearby :postbox:

A magic moment :sparkles: :heart:


How very special - beautiful photos!

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I’ll take 1 or 2 addressed and stamped postcards with me to the car wash and write them sitting in my car while it’s getting washed. I got to an automatic drive through car wash near the post office.


One of my favorite Postcrossing memories: Writing while flying in an airplane! I send out a small batch (about 5-6 cards), all with the detail that their card was written at about 30,000ft in the air! The thank you messages I received were over-joyous at the fact that their handwritten notes came from so high up and were a part of my trip. I plan on doing this again on my next vacation.


I have often done it in hotels… I usually read while flying, but will definitely give it a go next trip!

I wrote some cards while riding my bike cross country when I lived in Korea


I bet you wrote them while taking a break from riding your bike, for otherwise your nose would have hit the ground a few times.

The best place, at the postcard writing desk in The. Smithsonian’s Postal Museum in Washington DC


The worst place , under a Heat Dome a few Summers ago


It’s on my list of places to visit!