Unusual places to buy cards

In my home town, I practically was the only person buying postcards… I found super old ones at the kiosk! They were the only viewcards of the town until a year later the town info had new ones printed. And also yes to flea markets and recycling/charity stores!


Yes, Libraries have donated books for sale. Once in awhile you can find postcards in the bin. :books:

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PS all libraries have book sales: community coll and universities! Contact FRIENDS OF LIBRARY

Touché! Who ‘d think of postcards and beer? :beer::email:

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The so-called Edcards in Germany are very good (most of the times), here are my favorite places to buy cards:

Art Galleries (Tate Modern/Britain & National (Portrait) Gallery are great)
Stores with nice papeterie

Free cards:

Are you in London?
Try: https://magma-shop.com/
Camden lock
and of course Paperchase

MAGMA have a shop near me, will look at postcards there. Paperchase didn’t survive covid lockdown and is no longer.

Post offices, definitely
I have never seen postcards in the post office. I buy them at gift shops, specialty salons or flea markets, but if I ever see a postcard in the post office, I would be very surprised.