Unusual places to buy cards

In my home town, I practically was the only person buying postcards… I found super old ones at the kiosk! They were the only viewcards of the town until a year later the town info had new ones printed. And also yes to flea markets and recycling/charity stores!


Yes, Libraries have donated books for sale. Once in awhile you can find postcards in the bin. :books:

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PS all libraries have book sales: community coll and universities! Contact FRIENDS OF LIBRARY

Touché! Who ‘d think of postcards and beer? :beer::email:

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The so-called Edcards in Germany are very good (most of the times), here are my favorite places to buy cards:

Art Galleries (Tate Modern/Britain & National (Portrait) Gallery are great)
Stores with nice papeterie

Free cards:

Are you in London?
Try: https://magma-shop.com/
Camden lock
and of course Paperchase

MAGMA have a shop near me, will look at postcards there. Paperchase didn’t survive covid lockdown and is no longer.

Post offices, definitely
I have never seen postcards in the post office. I buy them at gift shops, specialty salons or flea markets, but if I ever see a postcard in the post office, I would be very surprised.

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I would also add used bookstores. Some have a box of old cards and often they are cards of that particular age, 1950s to 1980s, which have very little demand so they can be very cheap. I have bought cards in bulk for anywhere from EUR 0.10 to 0.05. They are usually an eclectic mix so you often find some interesting cards. Close to me in Tokyo is Japan’s largest bookstore area and there is a used bookstore I like that has a box of old cards and a small cafe area. So whenever I go there I buy postcard, get coffee and write postcards.


I once actually got some great quality free postcards showing scenes from an opera, while I was visiting an opera in a theatre with my school. I assume these postcards are fairly unique and rare, and it isn’t really the type of place I’d imagine you’d usually expect to find postcards.


In theaters, opera houses, concert halls you can often find postcards for free showing their actors, singers, dancers, musicians, etc. Some of these establishments sell such cards…

In Germany try the bakery chain Hofpfisterei (shops in Berlin and Bavaria), they have nice cards for free with illustrations of local animals and plants.

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I can find postcards at the closest surf shop :surfing_woman: 🏄‍♂.

I found postcards in a kate spade store in the mall! For months me and my friend would “look around the store”, but really we were there for the postcards :laughing: and they were free!

I haven’t been in a long time cause of covid, but I do wonder if they still have them :thinking: So if y’all have a kate spade store, take a chance and look inside!


Boar’s head gives free postcards with recipes in the back.


I also went through many post offices in my city. and everywhere to the question “are there postcards and art stamps?” the workers’ eyes widened in bewilderment.

Today I bought 35 postcards at a vintage shop (kringloopwinkel, Netherlands) for very little. The shop has all sorts of cards. So, I can make al lot of postcrossers happy.


I walked into a Halloween store once and there was a turnstile? Display with postcards. I even wrote them out on the counter. Haha.

I really like Redbubble for finding unusual cards from my country/city. I like supporting local artists and always bringing the postcard theme back to Toronto!

That is a good idea – the hospital gift shop.

While I was on Dolomites, I entered a shop along the road, that sells local handcrafted wooden products… but in a corner there was a drawer full of postcards from the 80s, in good conditions, at 10c€ each!

In my city there’s a little shop inside a church that have old B&W cards, but it’s open only a week a year :roll_eyes:

Another place I saw was an architects studio, that put some free postcards outside its door with architectural photos of the city.

Local tourist boards are sometimes offering free or little price postcards.