Unregisterable card

I thought there was a topic on this, but I can’t find it.

A card has arrived from a country where the ID numbers are only four digits. It is from this country, the postmark is clear. Posted on 17 Feb, name of capital city. The picture side is a (lovely) map of that country.

However, the sender has written an ID starting with FI - Finland, followed by seven digits. When I enter that Finnish ID into search, it comes up with a card sent from Finland to USA last November and registered in January - therefore this has nothing to do with the card here. I tried variations on that number, but they’ve been registered too.

Going back to the “rare”? country, I tried to track down the sender. I put in ‘active in the last month’ and came up with about 19 people. I checked every one, and none of them have a name anything like the real name signed.

While trying to register it, a full description was provided to on-line help, together with a scan of the writing-side of the card. No reply yet, and I think this one is unregisterable, which is a shame. My hunch is that it’s a new person who is confused about ID numbers? If I’m right, none of her cards will get registered, which is also a shame.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

Does that mean you contacted support 3-4 days ago? As there are only very few people doing that job, it can take as long if it’s complicated. They put a lot of time into trying to go through all possibilities - in my case a while ago even checking participants of a meetup that some unregisterable card came from…

It might need some patience!


If you have already filled out the Request help to find unknown ID form - which I think you did, if I understood you correctly - there’s nothing else to do besides waiting for a reply.


Dear @SailingBy,

Do you mean this topic ?

Postcard ID ,help!

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No, today…

No, I looked at that one, it’s a different situation.

I don’t think this one is registerable, but will be pleased if I’m wrong. It is a nice card with friendly message in clear handwriting.

Can you post a picture of the ID and postmark? (Unless this is not allowed)

If the card is from Åland with their stamps it still can have ID starting with FI. We can send mail via Åland. :slight_smile:

If the ID on your card is FI-something-already-registered, maybe you could send a PM to sender of that card and ask have they sent a card to you. maybe they sent the card to you and accidentally wrote a wrong ID on your card.

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I’d rather not while it’s being investigated.

The problem is that it was posted in the capital city of a country a long way from there, this is clear from the postmark. It also shows a map of that country, matching postmark. If your surmise is correct, then the Aland person would have gone to (I’d rather not say) country to post the card. And while posting it, have obtained the ID of Arland/Finland. I think the FI ID is a red herring.

I sometimes get postcards from people who put down the wrong ID code thinking that the ID should be the recipient country rather than the sender country. In that case, I just try using the ID code of the sender country.

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Maybe via was wrong term to use.
I don’t know how the system works as I haven’t used it myself, but I know people from Finland can send cards to Åland and these cards will be send forward with stamp and cancellation from Åland.
What I earlier wrote was just my guess, I don’t even know if the card was about Åland with cancellation from Mariehamn. :hugs:

Try using the country code of the country from which the card was sent.

I have, but as described, the country from which it was sent is…


The country from which it was sent has 4-digit codes starting with 33. The Finnish number provided starts with 36… in other words, 3 million and …, not 3 thousand and…

It’s not hard to send a Finnish card from Åland. Have you tried swapping a digit or two around to see if you can find the right ID? It’s likely to be a Finnish card with a small typo in. Whenever I took the ferry I would bring lots of cards with me and post them in Mariehamn if I could. Obviously harder to do now but people live in the islands too.

It has everything to do with that postcard (which was not sent last November, but in November 2019). Why don’t you contact the member that Postcrossing indicated, and let them explain what happened?


That’s a good idea, thank you!

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I love a good mystery! :mag_right::mag_right::mag_right:

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It can be, someone wanted unwritten cards, and the sender from Finland sent it, but added the id.
Then the one who wanted unwritten cards, sends these empty cards from his/her profile, and didn’t cover the id.

Mystery solved, we hope.

< case closed >

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How is it solved? Please tell us more. This has been intriguing.