Unique material, Unusual Postcard, Lenticular/3D

Oh, and I have a batch of postcards made of coffee paper. The paper is made from 40 % recycled paper, 30 % certified cellulose and 30 % recycled coffee grounds.


Leaf postcard in New Zealand


I didn’t know they had wooden post cards till my daughter sent me one for my birthday last year. I then went threw my old collection of post cards and found my son received a wooden post card from Lithuania for his birthday from his god mother. I then started to actually look for them and I have found that they are available here in Canada. I’ll save those for a special trades.
I talked to my postal outlet ladies (they know me quite well) and they would hand stamp the post card in the lower corner of the stamp when I send post them. They also hand stamp any special post cards I’m sending if I have unique stamps on them!


@KoJep @_Hawkwind_ Oh! I received a sound card recently— it’s awesome!


So just to be clear, is the only way to play it is on a turntable right?

Yes, you can only play it on a turntable (record player). The card has a clear plastic/vinyl coating with record grooves in it. Impossible to see in the photo, but you can see the hole in the center for the turntable spindle.

In the 1960’s/70’s, cereal boxes sometimes had this type of sound record on the back. When you finished the box of cereal you could cut out the record and play it on your hi-fi turntable.


@KoJep Thank you so much for sharing your collection! I had no idea there were so many unusual types of postcards in the world. And it’s really heartwarming to see how many people are happy to send unusual cards if possible. This is part of what makes Postcrossing so special! :blush:


This is great, thank you for sharing @KoJep ! I am impressed with what you’ve collected and with the other examples posted… Now I just wish I didn’t live in Australia where so many of these (wooden, leather, leaf, coffee) would almost certainly be confiscated by Customs! :sob:

Probably the most outrageous thing I’ve sent was a large piece of craft foam cut in the shape of a cockatoo, which had a small magnetic card attached to its belly… and it arrived intact to my friend in the USA! I haven’t seen them in the shop lately but there were all sorts of Aussie animals to choose from at the time. They also had cards with pieces to punch out and assemble to make a 3D animal.


Yes, I remember those from the 60s & 70’s, but back then everyone had turntables, today some do, but many do not sadly.

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I actually received a magnolia leaf postcard from Tunisia, but during the travel the stamp fell off, so I just have a leaf now)))


@KoJep Thank you for sharing your collection!
Many of materials surprised me. I knew that Germany postal services allowed sending not only paper postcards but I never knew that those items are allowed to be sent abroad - though I had bought there a sound-postcard with CD disk on it (under plastic protect) and a few tea-postcards (foiled bags with tea inside and a sticker on front with address lines and place for stamp).
As for me, among my unusual officials there are several wooden cards like

and a classic cross-stitched card that was sent in envelope

@aerobear what a nice vinyl record postcard. I wish i can get it someday from official. I will update postcard that i received from official later.

@LC-Canada thanks. And i will update which one that i received without envelope. But i think some Europe Countries open for this. But it depends on the cards too. For example a cork postcard not good enough for written and stickered.

@lunushka thanks for share your collection too. Yes its hard for sending without envelope. But it worked for some that i received


Is it common to receive cards like this? I have only received 23 cards so far and one was metal. It was very cool to have a metal postcard come all the way from Germany. I am ordering some wood cards and looking for some metal ones to send out.


No, it’s pretty unusual. Lucky you!

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I have received TWO cards made of poo. One is paper made of elephant poo and the other paper made of sheep poo. Both great cards!


I can’t believe such cards exist :sweat_smile:

Talking about unusal papers. There are also postcards made of grass paper. And I also heard of stone paper.


im interesting. i googled to know this poopaper. Still cant imagine

Found these off a link on someone’s profile - cool 3D relief postcards - I’ve always loved maps & relief or topographic maps in particular - they are mostly from Europe, but have most continents represented.

Sadly, they only have a flat 42 € rate for shipping, even for a 3,95 € postcard - which is kind of crazy - I can see if for full 3D wall maps, but postcards? I might write them & ask if they can do something else with their postcards.


i received this world 3D relief. It send write and stamp. I put on my link.

This is a good postcard for map lovers