Underappreciated postcards

Like many of you, I always make a point of photographing the postcards I send, and upload them to postcrossing. Like a lot of you, I also make a point of picking nice postcards, and I’m always thrilled when I get favourites on the postcards I like.

But is there a postcard you particularly liked, that never got the attention you were hoping for?


I had to think about your question - some of my expired cards were a perfect match for the receiver’s profile, so it’s pity that the cards didn’t get any attention at all…




The fact that a card wasn’t “liked” or the “Hurray” message wasn’t enthusiastic doesn’t mean the card isn’t appreciated. Some people don’t write much in “Hurray” messages just as they don’t write much on the postcards they send. And sometimes a recipient gets a lot of cards on one day and rushes through the process of registering the cards.


Well, usually if people favourite the postcards I’ve sent, it’s people other than the recipient. People looking through the gallery of recently sent postcards I’d imagine.


I generally don’t favorite postcards I’ve recieved as I want my favorites to show postcards I like but don’t already have.
That doesn’t mean that I didn’t get a lot of beautiful and amazing postcards!
For me it would be perfect to have the possibly to favorite postcards I’ve recieved without them showing up in my favorite list. So two different kinds of favorites basically.


It sounds like what’s really needed is “favourites” and a “wishlist”. I’ve often thought that that would be useful since many people seem to use their favourites, like you do, as a wishlist. I can definitely see the argument for using it that way as it makes it easy for other users to see what cards you’d particularly like. But it’s a shame that, as you pointed out, you can’t then separately indicate cards that you’ve already received that you particularly enjoyed or appreciated.


Heehee. I was about to share the Separate “Favourites” and “Wishlist” post here in response to your comment, then realized you were the original poster!

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