Unable to edit topic?

Help, I can’t edit my topic, I want to change the title as it’s completed now, does anyone know why the pencil icon disappeared? :thinking:

Did you edit (anything) really often today? There is a daily edit limit but I don’t remember how high it is. If I see this correctly, you are still TL1 – Basic and not yet TL2 – Member:

There could also be a limit how many days you can edit it after the topic was created but as every member of the old forum is automatically TL2 in the new forum, I must admit I haven’t encountered these limits and what I tell you are only guesses.
If you visit the forum for a couple more days, you should receive the Member badge and be not as limited in your actions anymore :slight_smile:

In the meantime, if you still cannot edit it, I am TL3 and can edit your title. Would you like me to add “[CLOSED]” to the title for you or change the title in a different way?

Ah, no actually I have been looking every day but it isn’t available to edit :thinking:

Yes please, I would like to request it be ‘Completed’ or 'osed, thank you!

Added it :+1:


Hello, I have the same need on my topic. I would like to change the title and the main content.
How can I have the right privileges to do this ?
Thank you

@adesmazes, I have sent a p.m.

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Hello, I am also unable to edit my post “closed” any advice is welcome. Thank you.

Do you need to edit the swap offer topic? I can “closed” there.

Yes if you could close it that whould be great! Why can’t I do it? Thanks for your help!

I see that @JetteLise has already completely closed your topic. I could have only added “closed” to the subject line.

The various possibilities have to do with Trust Levels of Discourse (the forum software). You are at the moment at TL 1 (Basic), when you advance (after some time) to TL 2 (Member), you will have more options.

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