Ukraine x World RR 🇺🇦


I’m Tatiana, the new host of this RR, I hope it runs well in the new forum, I’ll do my best :slight_smile:

Please read the rules before joining.


  • Regular Groups: 3 participants, one from Ukraine and two for other countries. Other countries are restricted to one member per country. Everyone sends a card to everyone – you’ll send 2 cards and you’ll receive 2 cards. Groups have one theme: viewcards, Unesco, Maps or Wishlist

  • Ukraine meets the world Groups: 4 participants. One from Ukraine and three for other countries, or Two from Ukraine and two for other countries. Other countries are restricted to one member per country. Members from Ukraine only send to the rest of the world. Rest of the world members only send to Ukraine

  • Other Groups: u2u me if you want to ask for other special group or theme


  • Please, don´t sign up for a group if you are not going to send postcards.

  • If you want to join a group, please reply to this thread and tell which group you would like to join.

  • If you join this RR for the first time, please send me a U2U with your address. You won’t be added to any group until I have your address, You only need to send me your address once, when you join this RR for the first time

  • If you’re new to this RR, and you’re not from Ukraine, you can join only one group. Once all of your postcards have been received by the other members of the group, you’re welcome to join more groups.

  • Each group will have at least one participant from Ukraine. Other participants in the group will be from different countries.

  • Send only new store-bought postcards. No handmade, folded, ad/free cards (unless the person mentioned on her/his profile that she/he wants to receive such cards).

  • If group hasn’t a specific theme , please take a look at the partners preferences, wishlist or favourites and try to send something accordingly.

  • Make sure to mention the name of this RR, the group number and your username on the postcards you send.

  • Please send the postcards within 2 weeks after receiving the addresses. If you are having difficulty sending within 2 weeks, please let me know by U2U.

  • Please post in this thread each time you have sent/received a postcard for this RR.

  • If your cards do not arrive you are expected to resend once out of courtesy to your fellow participants.

  • Be respectful and polite. Problems must be reported to me by U2U, please do not write about them here.

  • If you have any question, please send me a U2U.

    Have fun!!! :partying_face:

IMPORTANT: If you have a different nickname here please let me know it to change it in order to avoid confussions


Group 6.- Ukraine meets the world
mjefferson UKRAINE
Defe (Taiwan)
piyushbafna (India)

Group 16.- Unesco
RFS (Portugal)
heatherc (USA)

Group 24.- Wishlist
ginzanow (Japan)

Group 25.- Viewcards
minyo (Japan)
olgaiona (USA)

Group 27.- Maps

SPECIAL GROUP 1.- Folk Costumes

Lenikum kindly offered a card of her Folk Costumes of Ukraine offer album and she would like a folk costume card in return. You can choose the card you would like (there are several copies of each) You can join even if you’re signed up in other groups






Lenikum (Ukraine) (Folk costumes offer album)

  1. Hella_sp (Russia) All cards are great, but Odessa and Mariupol (or Donetsk) regions are close to my family history)
  2. World
  3. World
  4. World


Group 26.- Maps Deadline: May 24
wanderingpt17 (USA) SENT
Maggie2614 (China) SENT

Group 1.- Viewcards Deadline: March 7
mjefferson UKRAINE
cj23 (Canada) SENT rec ALL
Jachenka (Russia) SENT rec ALL

Group 22.- Maps Deadline: March 4
zveroboy (UKRAINE) SENT rec ALL
alarica76 (USA)
minyo (Japan) SENT rec ALL

Group 23.- Wishlist Deadline: January 9
Zveroboy (UKRAINE) SENT rec Elia03
Elia03 (France) SENT rec ALL
Wakabeee (Japan) SENT rec ALL

Group 21.- Wishlist Deadline: February 24
uliaya (Russia) SENT
mainekwok97 (Hong Kong) rec ALL

Group 8.- Maps Deadline: January 11
Zveroboy UKRAINE SENT rec Ichigo-Wang
Hallorekind (Germany)
Ichigo-Wang (China)SENT

Group 14.- Maxicards Deadline: November 3
Lenikum UKRAINE SENT rec Pifpaf
travellersid (India)
PifPaf (Belarus) SENT rec Lenikum

Group 15.- Wishlist Deadline: January 11
katyaT (Russia) SENT rec ALL
sriraamk9380 (India) SENT

Group 11.- Unesco Deadline: February 11
JuliankaWonder UKRAINE SENT rec Red_and_Green
AliJawad99 (Pakistan)
Red_and_Green (Poland) SENT rec JuliankaWonder

Group 10.- Wishlist (Deadline: December 11)
aglayushka UKRAINE SENT rec yuyunanami
yuyunanami (Japan) SENT rec aglayushka
cucciolagigio (Belgium)

Group 7.- Ukraine meets the world (Deadline: March 14th)
Cinica (Ukraine) SENT rec piyushbafna, Bater
xxs001122 (Taiwan)
piyushbafna (India) SENT
Bater (Israel) SENT rec

Group 4.- Wishlist (Deadline: February 22nd)
vikkkkki (Ukraine) SENT rec marina_k
freced (Sweden)
marina_k (Russia) wishes: national food, national costume, UNESCO [color=Green]SENT[/color] rec vikkkkki

Group 9.- Unesco (Deadline: February 22nd)
vikkkkki (Ukraine) SENT rec piyushbafna
oliviawanwan (Taiwan)
piyushbafna (India) SENT rec vikkkkki


SPECIAL GROUP 1.- Folk Costumes Deadline: February 21
Lenikum (Ukraine) (Folk costumes offer album) SENT rec
1 lapje (Netherlands) SENT rec

SPECIAL GROUP 1.- Folk Costumes ROUND 4 Deadline: August 9

Group 20.- Wishlist Deadline: December 26

Group 19.- Wishlist Deadline: November 3

Group 18.- Wishlist Deadline: April 20

Group 17.- Wishlist Deadline: February 7

Group 12.- Ukraine meets the world Deadline: April 26

Group 13.- Unesco Deadline: March 18th

SPECIAL GROUP 1.- Folk Costumes ROUND 3

SPECIAL GROUP 1.- Folk Costumes ROUND 2 (Deadline: June 26th)

Group 2.- Unesco (Deadline: February 9th)

SPECIAL GROUP 1.- Folk Costumes ROUND 1 (Deadline March 27th)

Group 3.- Maps (Deadline: February 8th)

Group 5.- Ukraine meets the world (Deadline: March 9th)

Hello, I would like to join Group 23 - Wishlist :blush:

Welcome! thanks for joining!!

Updated :slight_smile:

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Hey, can I join Group 23 (wishlist)? Thank you :yum:

Thanks for joining!

Addresses for group 23 have been sent, enjoy!

Updated :slight_smile:

Group 23 sent :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Updated :slight_smile:

I wish you all Happy New Year :heart:

Group 23 - I sent my postcards to @Wakabeee and @zveroboy :slight_smile:

Sorry, I forgot to report, I also sent my postcards to Group 23 on 31 Dec :christmas_tree:

Thanks for reporting!!

Updated :slight_smile:

Group 23 - I received @zveroboy postcard today! Thank you very much :blush:

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Today I’ve got a beautiful card from @Elia03 ! I love it so much, an adorable picture book illustration. It made my day, Thank you :heart_eyes:

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Thanks for reporting!!

Updated :slight_smile:

Group 23 - I received a ukiyo-e postcard from @Wakabeee ! Thank you very much! :blush:

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Hello! I’d like to join group #6

Group 23 (wishlist)
I have received a beautiful flower card with a big stamp from @zveroboy :two_hearts:

please add me to the Group 22.- Maps :grinning: