UK stamp prices to increase on April 3rd

UK stamp prices to increase

If I read it correctly, postcards will be £2.20!!! That is a massive increase from the current £1.85! :weary:


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Yes, quite a hike. The only good thing is that the weight limit for World Zones has increased from 20g to 100g. Not much use for postcards though.

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Really hope the price hikes don’t put Postcrossers off joining in the fun. A few cards and stamps is the cost of a coffee and sticky bun so it may even help with calorie counting!! :mailbox_with_no_mail::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::coffee::doughnut::postbox:


A 19% increase for international postcards by airmail and a whopping 25% increase for surface mail is just bonkers…

It’s not much of a silver lining, but at least the airmail rate is now back to being exactly two first class stamps. No need to take up half the postcard with boring barcodes any more.