UK > Russia/Belarus mails


… All my cards to Russia since Feb have arrived in under a month, except two in which I used those Universal Mail stamps, which are about to expire.

With a presumed detour via the Philippines (which has a suspension to Russia) I doubt these will ever arrive.


I’ve had another two sent to Russia after 24th Feb that have arrived :+1:

Anyone here had postcards to China :cn: get through?

I’ve got three postcards to China this year all expired. :disappointed:

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No. I have two expired - about 70-80 days- and one at 16 days. Hopefully, China Post will work through the backlog soon.

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A Postcrosser in China explained that China Post has been “withholding” many items “for Covid reasons” when registering one of my sent cards, which took 187 days to reach him.


Have a look here, @Maddymail @chrisbonham11

Hmm, I’m baffled by this. My local Post Office has been refusing to take letters to Russia since the spring. Are the rest of you saying you’ve had no difficulty sending things recently?

I’m starting to think my Post Office has been misinforming me. :open_mouth:


I’ve sent two postcards to Russia since spring, one in May and one in July, and they’ve both arrived. I have two more recent postcards currently travelling there.

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I haven’t been having any issues sending to Russia. The travel time varies madly though, least was two weeks and most, so far, was almost 40 days.

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In the last two months alone, I’ve successfully sent (and they’ve been registered) 9 postcards to Russia. Your post office has definitely got it wrong. There’s never been any interruption to post to Russia


I had some slow down initially but recently they have been arriving ok especially if to Moscow and St Petersburg citiý area

Thank you for that info, I’m going to have “a frank airing of views” with them! :wink: :angry:


Hi everyone. I’m looking for a bit of advice. I have 7 expired travelling postcards going to Russia and Postcrossing has now blocked my account. They range in times from 94 days to 340 days. I’ve messaged Postcrossing but they haven’t replied. Looking at this thread, it doesn’t seem like anyone else is having this problem, but if anyone has any pearls of wisdom on this subject, i’d love to hear them because i’m really missing sending official postcards.

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Yes that does happen, you will have wait until some of your travelling and expired postcards to be registered by their recipients before they will allow you to send more postcards, this hobby is all about patience.

Discussing on another thread, I am wondering if it is a regional issue, most of my expired postcards to Russia where posted in the North West Area, yet from London postcards are travelling between 40 & 60 days.
Even domestically, post is all over the place, I’m still awaiting postcards in the British Isles Round Robin. :man_shrugging:

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You are not alone!
I currently have 7 expired cards to Russia, ranging from 68 days to more than 300. I have 12 expired cards in total - close to 10% expiry in 2022. I did have 17 cards reach Russia, though.

Postcrossing hasn’t blocked my account however, so I wonder what the criteria for blocking are?

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Maybe if a big enough percentage of your cards going to Russia are registered, then it doesn’t matter so much if you have some going there that have expired.

I have an official to Russia that is now 12 days off expiry…

But ironically I received an official from Russia yesterday postmarked 19.12!!!

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UK post is up the chute at the moment.

Had 3 Christmas cards yesterday postmarked 14.12 on second class stamps.

Outbound, my officials seem to be taking an age (7/20/21/28/40/48 days)… Yet inbound I have received in the past week mail from France/
US/Canada/Russia/Singapore all postmarked from 19.12 onwards.

So it feels like dispatching at Heathrow is a bit of a mess, plus the domestic network also?


Also a reminder that for the last 11 months there has not been any direct route between the UK and Russia with mail being routed via a third party country.

I was dicussing with a friend in aviation back in the spring last year that Turkey at one point was one of the countries that was the exchange point for Russia - EU/UK Mail.


It definitely is! I received a card from Israel on Tuesday which had been franked in the North Wales / Chester sorting office, when I live in South England. What’s that about?