[UK] Harry Potter stamps available in normal post offices?

Hello Postcrossers,

next week I will stay in Norfolk for a few days and want to buy these marvellous Harry Potter stamps. Are they available in normal post offices? Or only via online shop? Special shops?

Thank you for your help.

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Afaik*, only current stamp collections are available in post offices, you might get lucky and ask them. I know they are available through the Royal Mail website, (direct link to Harry Potter stamps on Royal Mail website) but only to UK addresses. I don’t know if that helps you or not.

*I might be wrong here, if I am, I am sure someone will kindly correct me :slight_smile:

Thank you, it helps, yes. Even if I am a little sad now. But I had already thought so.

Warm greetings!

If you are staying in a hotel/b&b/etc., I wonder if you could order them from Royal Mail to that address?

They will post overseas, but don’t think they will be delivered in time.

Next week, the Wallace & Gromit stamps are released, they will be popular with postcrossers


Oh I did not realise that, learn something new every day.

I ordered some stamps and cards from the Royal Mail and they made it to me in (West Coast Canada) in 3-4 days. I was shocked at how fast it was!

The Harry Potter stamps came out 4 years ago, and Royal Mail are withdrawing them from sale on 31 December 2022, so there are unlikely to be many left in Post Offices.

You can use the Post Office branch finder to find a Post Office which stocks collectibles (click “Choose a service” > “Mails” > tick “Collectibles”). They will be more likely to still have stock of the Harry Potter stamps.

Other smaller Post Offices may still have them too, despite not being listed as selling collectibles. I recently found out that a small Post Office near me keeps a stock of all sorts of special issue stamps and PHQ cards, but they just don’t widely advertise it for some reason. All you can do is call in and ask!

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Some Harry Potter stamps are still on sale on the Royal Mail website:

Harry Potter | Royal Mail

Royal Mail do accept orders from outside the UK. You won’t find these special stamps in normal Post Offices and many Post Offices no longer seem to stock special issue stamps unfortunately.
As someone said, you could always have them delivered to your address in the UK where you will be staying - good luck !

Thanks @all. Now I’m back already and of course, there weren’t Harry Potter stamps in the post offices. Thank you too for the advice offering these stamps online and for sending them to my local address it was to little time.

But I got great stamps from Aardman Classics collection. The postal worker in the post office couldn’t believe: 30 stamps? Are you sure? Ah, thirteen! (Me: No, thirty) Thirty, really? Three O?

For my nextr trip I plan to prepare better …

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