Travelling notebook-time capsule for my baby boy's 18th birthday

Hello Everyone…
my baby boy will turn 1 in June. I would like to collect some messages/wishes or any other things from all around the world for his time capsule. Could you please send me some handwriting messages for my baby boy’s 18 year old version?
Here are some ideas :slight_smile:
-the message you will say to your 18 year old version
-some lifesaver advice for daily routines or everyday matters (for example relationships or shaving or small talk matters)
-personal stories about this wild year
-birthday wishes
-your predictions about the future
-some interesting story about your city/country/culture
-some words about your language
-movie/book or music band recommendations
-just birthday wishes for his 18th birthday :slight_smile:
-just a drawing
-or whatever you want :slight_smile:

I will send you postcards or Turkish coins or something you want in return

Please send handwritten notes in English

Thank you for all :))

1- Sokubun
2- TheCyanPanda


I would like to participate for your boy! :raising_hand_woman:t2: :sparkles:

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I like the idea and would also like to send something : )

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I would like to join as well :blush:

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I would love to join as well. What a lovely idea😍

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It is a wonderful idea !! I would reaaally to join this TN ! :smiley:

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I’d like to join!

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What a nice project, I’d love to join!

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Tomorrow the notebook starts his journey… I hope every participiants will enjoy this jouney as much as I do. Me and my son is really grateful for all the participants !

It ıs still open. If you want to join more than welcome :smiley:



Lovely idea, I would love to join!