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Hopefully there will be a few more houses by the year’s end.


Oh how cool to see them without the lines in the way - though I did have to zoom into the small part of the UK/Europe I’ve sent from XD

Zoomed in section


This is my overall map so far:

and this is a more detailed view of my most visited countries, including Italy and France, where I live, or lived in the past:

I love selecting a new location when I move to a new city in the same country. I “bought” many houses in Portugal before COVID-19, and miss adding new ones now. I hope I can attend a new Portuguese meetup soon, and maybe add a new country to my “sent from in Travel mode” list this year! :smiley:


Didn’t use travel mode in Bielefeld (DE) and Copenhagen (DK) when I attended the meetups there; must have been before the travel mode existed.


Well, many houses on my map - but only two countries. I would have loved to send mail from Helsinki when I was there… but time was too short! I’ve only been there for a few hours. Hopefully I’ll add the Netherlands later this year.


But even within my own country, there are still many many places to explore (and send cards from). At least 4 new ones should be added soon, once the cards got registered:


This is mine so far - since I joined PC last year I’ve only been outside of Japan twice (Mongolia and Papua New Guinea), but I’ve tried to use Travel Mode whenever I’ve travelled to other cities in Japan.

The bigger picture:

Japan only:


Hats off to the dedication of all of you who change the location even inside one country! Very impressive.

This is my map. What is interesting is that none of the houses, except the Uzbekistan one, come from travel mode. Those are all places where I actually lived and it was all before travel mode existed :smile: I am clearly not using it enough! (But I was so happy when it was introduced, I had been wishing for it for so long!)


I’m so happy for all of you roamers :slight_smile:

Here are my homes away from home :slight_smile:

The South German house is wrong - I selected the wrong Mainz :blush:

And up close:

Before travel mode was invented, I used a send-only account to send cards from Bosnia, Croatia, and Norway - how I wish I could move these homes over :slight_smile: oh well, that only means I need to retrace my steps one day :slight_smile:


I could not resist sharing my house map, too :heart_eyes:

The houses in the north of Switzerland and in England are „regular“ houses when I was living there. I have only ever used travel mode within Switzerland (south-west) and once in Berlin. I do not travel lots. :wink: But I love travel mode and always use it when travelling for more than one night.


Dear Friends,
I just wanted to change to travel mode because I will be away for one week. But the city Bad Friedrichshall, post code 74177 is not available. Can someone help?
All best wishes,

The database used is not maintained by Postcrossing, so nothing may be done about it*

I’d consider choosing one of the two original places (Kochendorf or Jagstfeld) that together were merged to Bad Friedrichshall:

Both options are available to choose and you’d get the little house on your map at the correct coordinates.

* You could provide this town to the database used on Postcrossing. Please see here for more information:


Thank you for the good tip!