[To Ukrainian postcrossers staying in JAPAN] I'm happy to send postcards

こんにちは。Hello from Osaka, western Japan.

According to a TV news, I’ve heard over 400 Ukrainians are now staying in Japan. It seems some people do not have relatives or acquaintances here.

It’s easy to imagine setting up a new life in a foreign country in general is so hard, and under such a condition. I’ve been wondering if this offer is appropriate or not…

If receiving a postcard can help you make a day better, I’m happy to send.
When I find a postcard in a mailbox, it’s always a great joy.

No return card is necessary. Please forgive me for limiting this offer to those staying in Japan.

If you are interested in, please send me a message.
I’m hoping the postcard to be a warm greeting from a Japanese local.
Depending on my schedule, it may take time to prepare postcards.

2022-Apr-16 Megumi


Hi, this is a great idea. Though not based in Japan, I could send postcards too. Please get in touch. I send you my most cordial regards.

@Meg2020 I could send you some happy mail items for Ukrainian pen friends?

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Thank you for your kind words.
At this moment, I haven’t received any request. This offer will be available for a long time, so I may contact you when requests for this offer arise.

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