To our Postcrossing Friends under fire in Ukraine - apologies for not being able to post this in Ukrainian

You may be going through something you’ve never experienced before, with times of deep anger, panic and terror. I cannot imagine exactly what you are experiencing, but I have helped many people in deep stress in my years as a psychotherapist and can offer a few practical suggestions. Some possibilities to get through these times:

• A simple breathing technique to stop the panic in its tracks – breathe in through the nose for a count of 4, hold the breath for a count of 4, breathe out through the mouth for a count of 6. Repeat this 10 times, and then check in with yourself. Are you feeling stable again? If not, do another 5 cycles of breath and check in with yourself. Are you feeling stable again now? If not, do another 5 cycles and so on. It can be helpful to practice this with 10 cycles twice a day for a week or so to get it into muscle memory, and begin to practice it when you feel anxious, so that it will become automatic when you need it most.

• Prayer – if you are a person of faith, this has helped sustain people for eons. Pray asking for courage, strength, endurance and help to get through this tough time – then allow yourself a few moments of silence afterwards to simply dwell in that sacred space and feel your connection to the Eternal. This can soothe your spirit while you pray but also for some time afterwards. Repeat when needed. And feel free to invite others to join you in prayer.

• Even those with little or no religious sense can ask for help from the Universe around you. How? Find a relatively quiet space. Make yourself comfortable, close your eyes and say within your mind, “Dear Universe, help me at this difficult time. Please send me the courage, strength and endurance needed to get me through and to help the others around me.” Then sit in silence for a few moments to let yourself feel a connection to the universe around you. We live surrounded by enormous reservoirs of energy – this can help you tap into that and find the soothing and the strength you need. Repeat as needed.

• Find someone else who needs soothing. When you comfort others, that helps them enormously; it also has the wonderful side-effect of comforting you too. Especially if you bring the power of touch – a comforting hand on someone’s shoulder, a hug, a pat on the head or stroking someone’s hair or cheek. But ask them first if they would welcome your hug or whatever – some may not want that kind of thing.

• Turn your fear into anger and use it to strengthen your resistance to the attack. If you are in a position to join the others fighting for the right to live your own lives, then your anger is a kind of rocket fuel for you to get going and fight back. Use it wisely.

Please feel free to repost this, to translate it and send it around to others who might benefit from it. You are in our hearts and minds. We wish the very best outcome for you.


Wonderful post very useful for humanity :heart:

Our hearts are with you.

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I’m not good in English, know nothing in Ukrainian. Thanks for your post, I’m touched.

Stand with Ukraine, pray for Russia.


За любую поддержку Украины до 20 лет тюрьмы. Но мы сами под диктатурой. Очень переживаю за вас…


Pray for russsia? really?


Maybe she means “pray for Putin to change his mind” or “pray for the Russian mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers whose family members come back to them dead”.
Note her English is not good.


We see you suffering, we are trying to help with financial support. It will not be enough. When the war will be over, we will send you postcards, we will visit Kiev, Odessa, Lviv and other wonderful cities. I believe that the Ukrainian people will be strong and rise from the ashes even stronger :dove:


Hey, Karolina! We thank you for your support, but I want to kinda correct you. There is Kyiv not Kiev and Odesa not Odessa.
Those versions I wrote are official in Ukraine now when the others ones are linked with Soviet dictatorship on our territoty. Hope for your understanding!
Glory to Ukraine!


My mistake. I am using google translator sometimes, they should change english versions to your mensioned ones.
Slava Ukraine!


Would you like me to try and send a postcard to Kyiv (or any part of the country) next week? I don’t mind if it does not reach you or takes a long time. Sending you my most cordial thoughts and prayers.

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Hey! Thank you for your touching message! I am sure that after the victory under russian monster we are going to send each other a postcard! Now it’s not safe, because every day can be my last one, but I want to have my postcards delivered :slight_smile: Don’t forget me, haha


We will not forget you, I can promise that. :blue_heart: :yellow_heart:

I received a card from Ukraine today, just to let everyone know.


Sorry to be a wet blanket, but your card was sent on Feb 22 and the invasion began on Feb 24 so this actually doesn’t provide reassurance that the sender or anyone else is okay.

No wet blanket, she already replied to me via Post Crossing message that she’s currently okay. I wasn‘t actually commenting on whether she was ok, or not, just letting people know that postcards are being received from Ukraine, which I thought was amazing in itself.


Thank you very much for your support! It’s very nice of you :heartpulse:During these loud noises in the city, my mom gets panicked and I always try to calm her down. Thank you!

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Thank you for your support!

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Sorry, my words might be unclear. So far as I know, many Russian people at Instagram say that it’s Putin’s war, not Russian people. They say that they’re the victims of this war, too. I believe that most people want to live a regular and peaseful life, including those live in Russia.

I check my words in Google Translate before I post, but actually I’m not sure if it’s clear enough.

Sorry again if my words make you uncomfortable.