The Other Side of the Card

I have seen posts about the best card someone gets.
What I would like to see is the best card you got from the writing side.

Also, I always wonder how you can put stickers on a card that barely has any space for the stamps and address.

Finally. Would you rather receive a card with as many stamps as possible or as little as needed?


I suggest that if anyone decides to show the writing side for the stamps or decoration please make sure that no ID, address details or other personal information will be visible on the photo.


The writing side of the card is not allowed to scan for others in Postcrossing.

I got this in the decorated card tag from forum member @XJuul this is the image she shared in the tag, I hope you don’t mind Juul.
I still have it on my mantelpiece so we can see it. I love it.
I usually prefer a nice message rather than many, many stamps, but the stamps can be beautiful too. And I love mail art :blush:


That’s not fully true. If you cannot read the text it’s okay.

Here are some of my favourite backsides:

The stamp ended up on the image side of the card (it was added by the postal clerk) :laughing:

I feature the special backsides in my gallery (with 99% of the text covered, if it’s with handlettering or similar I try to keep just a little bit like hello or similar to show that part, too):

In general I really enjoy all… many beautiful stamps, nice decorations or just a long text. The only option I’m not too fond of is a more or less empty card with one sentence on it and nothing more. But I don’t have a preference on what fills the available space.


Your gallery is so lovely, @Cassiopheia
I haven’t received any postcard with an artistic back side, so thank you very much for sharing yours.

I think I will start trying this for my next postcards.

I usually only add bits of washi tape, because I’m one of those that loves to write as much as I can on the card. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


I would even say if text is something you can find in wikipedia without any personal information, seems okay to show it too, like explanation of what on the postcard. Or is someone’s writing style is too personal too? :thinking:

Off-topic: Can someone (maybe @manuchka) explain to me what is wrong in showing ID of a card if it’s in positive way? (I encounter this a lot) Like when it’s written near stamps and you show stamps (some people even include stamps on official gallery)

When I use to show backsides on my blog, I blur the addresses and any personal message, but ID sometimes stays. Of course if user says to never show any part of backside, I honour the wish.

EDIT: To stay within topic, here are remarkable backsides in my blog:

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I’m here for the stories as much as for the postcards - even if most of the time I get disappointed. But then, that’s the same with real-life friends and family. Not everybody is a writer, and it’s still nice to get postcards from them…
Nevertheless my preference is of course to NOT waste any writing space for stamps, stickers, washi-tape and the like. I appreciate nice stamps, but they should stay on their side of the postcard! :slight_smile:
I’ve received postcards with stories of up to 400 words on it, while myself I can squeeze in 250 at the most. But even 50 words can sometimes be enough to share some interesting thoughts or observations.


Back side, or written message side for me, does not necessarily means that it is a literary extract ot an art piece.
I see the personality and intentions of sender on every detail: ofcourse, postcard image is crucial part, but also the choice of stamps, eventual decoration, colors, words. There are several elements that together make such a presence. Or compensate a bad choice of image, for instance.

As example on how I appreciate this interaction, I started to collect same postcard, the 2020 WPD postcard from Finepaper and Postcrossing, sent by different people. So nice! They are from mini-meetings to RAS, from officals to swaps.
It is also very interesting to feel the freedom of not being forced (by myself) to collect ‘different’ postcards. Also a training on understanding others.



Maybe, because then you can look who sent it, and if there’s message, there might be too much information already, like their work place, name etc.
Who decides what is a positive way?
Why not always ask the sender, if they are ok to have their cards message shown?
I treat postcards as letters, the messages are for me, so why spread them on the internet?

It only says:

“Keep private information private.
The addresses given to you are private information and can only be used for Postcrossing purposes. Do not share them with anyone or make them public on the internet. This also applies to what is written on the postcards you have received, so please do not scan it.”

So nothing about if you can read it or not, and also, someones blurring is not good enough, like you still can see what the address is.

Here again, I would ask it they like to have their message shown even blurred.

Some things just aren’t meant to be spread to everyone :slight_smile:

Yes, I know the message are “open” for mail carrier bla bla, but think for example that in swimming hall you probably shower naked, some people see you momentarily, right? Is it ok to take a photo and put in on the internet, because you thought someones body looked lovely?

If I suddenly felt I wanted to show the message, I would ask the sender. Not too much trouble, I think.

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I’m not sure if we’re talking about the official site or the forum, but when you want to upload a photo of your travelling postcard you get this message:

(Note: Please upload only the image part of the postcard. The image must not show any of the text/address side.)

So it seems to me it is clearly not allowed to show the back of your postcard in the postcard gallery.

But I guess the forum is a different situation (?), so I will agree with @S_Tuulia : it’s best to always ask if the sender wants their message/artwork to be shown.

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I’m sorry, but the question was only about ID - if the backside has ALL the message blurred, ONLY showing decorations and ID? The information which can be got from the ID is available in public (or only to members) profile, so if a person lists their address, workplace and other private information there it’s their choice. IDs of the card - any member can go to my profile and find the said ID and then person who sent it through my wall.

By the logic that I can’t show ID on the back of the card, any sharing of received cards (including in the topics what cards I received with links to their ID on the postcrossing site) is too much information?

European Comission defines personal data as “any information that relates to an identified or identifiable living individual”, so yes, combination of name+work can theoretically identify a person. But let’s say most of the message with ‘private data’ I’ve received has the repetition of exactly the same information in the postcrossing public profile - name, age, work, study etc. Postcrossing ID itself and even written on the back (handwriting is not a personal data) has almost no information to identify someone (unless their profile has - but that’s information they put there themselves)

Yes, in the gallery you can’t show the message side either, but this is from community guidelines:

Do not share them (addresses) with anyone or make them public on the internet. This also applies to what is written on the postcards you have received, so please do not scan it.

To me that is clear. Of course one can nitpick and tell they show the stickers or drawing, is id writing or what it is, and that they don’t scan, they take a photo, it’s only guidelines, not an universal law, but for me it’s clear as can be, you are not supposed to publish the message side in the internet.

But, if the sender tells it’s ok, then I would, and add a mention there, I have their permission.

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I’m not nitpicking on scanned-photo, but it seems it doesn’t apply to decorations and ID.

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I think, if it’s not allowed to scan writing, the postcard id is writing to me.
Why would someone insist showing it? What’s the benefit in showing the id?

Like there above, the message is blurred, but the id not, someone could write and look the id, and if their profile doesn’t have their name, there the name is left unblurred, so I already have their name.
Also, some use so light blurring, like me as a Finn, I can tell what address is in many cards that show badly blurred Finnish address.

Of course the id’s are there in the galleries, and linked here, and maybe it would do no harm to have it visible, but as we can see, even if people blur the message, they don’t do it so well it’s enoughly safe.
For me, peoples privacy and following the rules here, wins, if I have to weigh do I want to show the message side or not.

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Is the id not written?

I think we look this so differently, I can never tell what is too personal for someone, maybe even a drawing can be, and as I have high appreciation for people’s privacy, I would ask the permission before showing their message side.

I thought it was also written somewhere to not show the id, but can’t find it now. I might remember totally wrong :slight_smile:

And, if it’s advised not to do something, why look for a loophole to do it anyway?

(Edit. not meaning personally badly to you @Xute and I believe no one has bad intentions here :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:)

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You’re mixing 2 arguments here.

The ID is public. Anyone can see it. Bluring it will make no difference in privacy.

The other argument, which I agree with, is that when you blur the address and sensitive information, it should be done in a way that completely erases the information.

I don’t think I am.

You are not supposed to show writing -> id is written -> therefore you’re not supposed to show it.
(Yes, maybe taking too literally, but why not :grin:)

But I agree if and only if the blurring is very well done, and all other information is blurred, the whole name etc.; the id being visible is almost same as being in the gallery.

It makes, as: If the id is blurred, no one can know who sent the card :slight_smile:
if it’s not blurred, you see who sent the card.
And if there’s only message side, you can’t go to the gallery, and look how the card looks.
Or do I miss something?

I agree with that)) I can understand the position where you treat everything as private, just to be considerate. In my opinion, what is already open to public (info from profile, ID) can be shown on the backside, on other hand I treat any real (by law) personal data with great care. Anything which written in ‘letter to a friend’ manner (thought, personal events etc.) included

Can I make an example (and explain why I’m in this argument)? I have a blog where I write about the received/sent cards. Mostly it’s about the pictures on the cards, but sometimes I share backsides (all private data blurred with gaussian filter, 50, if I show only stamps I crop the image). And I refer to IDs in the text, so I don’t blur ID in the message, because it’s already shown in text.

Sometimes message on the back is just a quote or something not related to sender privacy at all (‘I hope you like this postcard’, ‘I had nothing from your wishlist’, are these private??? :joy:), so why not share the beauty of inspirational message? (example: - the message on the back has just the words)

Yes, I can understand your point.

I just see a situation here, like this person is doing it, so why not I, this message is not too personal, so why is this (like someone’s work - some jobs are very common, whiles some make you easily recognisable, the line can be unclear especially if it’s from other culture).

What if you have uploaded a message, that is same information as profile, but then the sender sees it’s too personal, and removes it from the profile. But the photo is forever in the internet.

Whatever the case, if I wanted to show the message side, I would ask from the sender.
Also, I don’t see what value does it add to show the id?

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