Thank you for postcards received - North America

@aik_lynx - Thank you for the wonderful postcard. Carnival of Harlequin. Im so happy you came to Michigan and experienced the great lakes! Sleeping Bear Dunes is a beautiful place.
For NA Scavenger Hunt Tag


@kanosis- Thank you for the Great Orange card for the Tag: Colors. I love all the beautiful fruit stamps you added too. So pretty and hand cancelled by Apple Valley Post office! Yes, I still work with seniors. They enjoy seeing the cards I get. :orange_heart: :orange_heart:



Hi Caitlyn: Thank you @ukucaitie for the folk art of Uncle Sam from the Long May She Wave box set!

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NA PC Box Tag.

@redyellownow sends a beautiful Bengal Tiger card! This is a nice box set. Thank you!


NA I Spy Tag.

@TwoDoggies sends a card of Vidalia Onions! These are my favorite type of onion to use. Thank you for a neat card!

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From the Mountain tag @Heather- sent this nice Yosemite National Park. This one is still on the bucket list.
She also followed that up with some great bluebonnets from the Vintage tag circa 1930’s.

@Hobbittsy sent me the patterned card from the Boring Postcard Tag. She shares my love for food and recently made beef tongue. Wish I could have been there to enjoy it with you.
And @AprilSun66 sent me the Boston card from the Scavenger Hunt tag. But recommends Mont Tremont, Canada as a favorite place to visit.
From the Bird tag @KeKet sent me a descent of woodpeckers. I have 2 types that frequent my feeders and they are quite enjoyable to watch.
From the Church Tag @anon43708176 sent the Church of St. John the Baptist, in Luxembourg City, Luxembourg. I suppose we are both old in the eyes of your children, but mine think the same of me too.

From the Lighthouse tag @TheHassFamily sent me the lonely lighthouse from Minnesota. I with you folks, I am ready for summer too!
@pcronn sent the Theory, 1779-1780 painting by Sir Joshua Reynolds from the Anything but tag.
And @durangirl sent the star wars themed comic card from the Postcard Book tag.

Thanks to all for the fantastic cards, lovely messages and your time and effort put into sending these cards.


Received from @CynthiaMarie this great card of Arches National Park in Utah**** from the Alphabetical tag.

And from @PeaceOfButton and the Scratch and Dent tag comes this sweet black and white card of Glenn Curtis Museum. Funny story about drawing a tree on it, erasing it then leaving a sticky note to cover it up. Actually contributes to the beauty of the card!

Thank you both for such lovely cards!

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@Stinkypaw sent this fabulous card for the Lantern Press tag. Northern lights cards are my favorite :heart:. Someday I hope to see them in real life :blush:

I also agree with your about Mother Nature right now :rofl:

Thanks so much!

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From the Snow tag @kayler00 sent this Gondola lift from Sugarloaf Mountain in Kingfield, Maine. Hang in there girl, Spring is rapidly approaching and that snow will be all gone soon.

And from Taking out the trash, @TheHassFamily sent me the nice cactus card. Explaining that she has so many that she is looking to purchase something new. I sometimes go overboard with my card purchases as well.

Thank you both for the great cards!


Aw glad you got it okay! Shame they stamped over the image!! Spring yahooo!!!

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Na scavenger hunt tag

@MystiqueDeep Thank you for the Sylvia Earle card. Those deep sea creatures are so interesting. But wouldnt want to pet one!

@jacieslar Thank you for the Devil’s Tower card for the Not My US State tag. Wyoming is on the top of my States I Want to Visit List!!

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US-US color tag
@SharonMI thank you for the woman with butterfly hairpiece. It has been many years since I lived in a state where it snowed. Stay warm.

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From @WandaM thank you for the Niagara Falls card from Wishlist tag.

@Crystalinne sent a great Florida beach card from the Anything but tag.

Thank you both for these wonderful cards.


Thanks to @AprilSun66 for the Scavenger Hunt Tag! I’m defintely in the group that would rather not live where it snows…I do appreciate sledding, though!

Thanks to @BarbL for the Not My US State Tag. I agree, warm weather is superior haha.


Thank you @sarahaeyo for your “trash”, altho I think they’re quite nice! There’s a person for every postcard and I’ll have fun looking for homes for these!

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@BarbL glad you enjoyed them!

can-us tag
from @LaurenceB : automat! thank you for sending this postcard from my favourites! there’s something about this painting that is so mysterious and haunting - just the epitome of edward hopper’s style. love the stamps you chose as well! wishing you the best with the newborn :two_hearts:

us x us color tag
from @Crystalinne : thank you for the strange planet postcard, matching barn stamp and stickers - this is one of my favourite postcard series :blue_heart::purple_heart:


NA Scavenger Hunt Offer Tag
@4kids2pay4 - Aloha, thank you! Spring and Fall bring the perfect weather, but neither seem to last long enough. I’m dreading the summer heat and humidity already, we’ve already had a taste.

Trash Tags:
@Crystalinne - dog - thank you! Veggie soup sounds so tasty!

@uconn - (4x) - thank you! I’m sure I’ll find a use for all these cards. One has a fireplace I can add to my collection.

Request A Color:
@kanosis - chanterelle in a basket - thank you! This is beautiful! It’s a perfect scene for a leprechaun. Ukraine has been in my thoughts since day one.

Lantern Press:
@LaurenceB - Aurora Borealis - thank you! It made it safely! I have a wooden card to send but I’m always so scared to send it. Your stamps are beautiful as always. I looked up streets in Canada and they don’t seem to have a cul de sac like we do, just streets that end with a house. Interesting, haha!


Thank you @waydowneast for the quilt card!


Request An Animal Tag:
@CeceG - sea turtle, thank you! It’s so beautiful! I love that they’re protected. I rarely see wildlife when I visit places (except the typical small animals). Last visit to Hawaii, I saw a couple turtles on shore and got photos. I love them so much! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I was born in Hawaii, so I’m sure that’s a factor in it.

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Request A Color Tag
@crochetjessica - kimono design, thank you! I love pops of color where things are mostly one color, this is beautiful!

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