Thank you for postcards received - North America

A couple great cards!

Thank you to @SharonMI from the Not My US State tag. And my first of this LouPaper I keep hearing about haha. I love it. I’ve driven to/from California and Michigan a couple times, and I THINK I’ve driven through Wisconsin? Haha. Only been to the UP once though, and the eastern side.

Thank you to @pammykay from the NA Scavenger Hunt tag. While I’ve been in California most of my life, surprisingly I’ve never visited NYC!

Thank you!

Not my US State Tag

@TwasBrillig cool Washington card. That’s one state I’ve never been to

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In yesterday and today’s mail came these great cards.

From Taking out the trash tag @CrimsonKing sent me a reminder of the gossip magazines at the checkout counter! It was so warm today I had to turn on the A/C this afternoon to cool down. My wife laughed when she came and told me I wouldn’t be doing that in a couple days. We are supposed to get freezing rain and ice storms and drop into the 10’s & 20’s.
Scavenger Hunt tag @TwoDoggies sent me the high I.Q. card. Enjoy your retirement! I have a few years left, but it cannot get here soon enough!
More Scavenger Hunt @AprilSun66 sent me a Mohegan Sun Chef. Stay warm up there! I enjoy dining with my children also. Interesting facts about Salem. Thank you.
As many stamps as you can fit on the card tag @cali29 sent this great Lego dish! Love the stamps too!
And back to the Scavenger Hunt @PostAddy sent me a nice ocean view scene along the shore. I like your items to take to the island! A prayer no doubt! My wife loves those shows too!
Thanks everyone for the great cards and messages!


Thanks to @4kids2pay4 for the card from the NA Scavenger Hunt Offer tag. I’ve neve been to Hawaii so I appreciate the little tidbits on the hula. And the cool stamps!

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Thanks @msgforjohn for the nicely decorated Matisse card.

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Thank you @pcronn for the wonderful Cruella DeVille card.

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I have received three cards for the NA Scavenger Hunt Offer tag.

Thanks to @alulukamm for a Mesa Verde card from the National Parks of the USA box. I’m so happy you enjoyed backpacking. I spent many happy weeks backpacking when I was younger.

Thanks to @breeze2902 for this cute little fella. I love having a dog, but seven dogs would be a few too many at once for me!

Thank you @CrimsonKing for this card about finding our friends at the animal shelter. We adopted Dobby, my mini-me, my avatar, from a shelter. She’s the best dog ever.


Thanks @Ukucaitie for the cute Belle in the snow card from NA Scavenger Hunt. My girls loved this movie and played bit parts in the children’s production at local theater.

@aemenheiser2 thanks for money card from Anything but tag. Interesting fact about Lancaster that I did not know. Thank you.

Another Scavenger Hunt tag from @PostAddy sent the archer. Is it Robin Hood or Peter Pan? LOL Thanks for the funny Halloween story from your youth.

And from the I want / request tag @WandaM sent the Mark Hopkin’s, a San Francisco Hotel atop Nob Hill. We had a batch of ice and snow last week. I am not a fan of the cold either.

Thanks everyone for the great cards!


More from today’s mail.

From the Favorite Song Lyrics tag @durangirl sent this great card and a blast from the past with “Is There Something I Should I Know” by who else? Duran Duran.

And from the Vintage Card tag @Crystalinne sent the World’s Largest Granite Quarries , Barre, VT. I have not visited one before but can see that it could be a fun place to visit.

Thanks for these fantastic cards!


Thanks to @JasonDavid for the Canada-USA tag

NA USxUS request an animal tag

Thank you @pcronn for Dumbo’s mouse. I was mad that the remake changed so much and the talking mouse in the hat as Dumbo’s friend and cheerleader was not there as such.

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US x US Request a Color Tag

@avery27 sent an awkward family photo of a family dressed as Winnie the Pooh, Eeyore & a little Tigger. I remember when I first found the website and was just laughing until I cried to see all of the crazy photos and especially the captions.
I’m so happy my, what was the most impractical thing you ever bought stuck in your head for so long. I’m not familiar with the game Ticket to Ride but I do have a collection of board games that we no longer play. The years I was in college 1978-1982 everyone played backgammon all the time. Now, I haven’t played it in decades.

NA I SPY _____Tag
@CrimsonKing sent a bike that looks like it’s going through a nebula of purple. Growing up, we had to ride our bikes everywhere and went farther afield than my unwitting parents ever realized. My youngest daughter was always badgering me to go bike riding and I don’t enjoy it and have no stamina whatsoever. If I get to the slightest incline, I’m gradually going so slow that I might as well be walking. No doubt a good time for my riding companion.!!


Thank you so much @mystiquedeep for the yummy chocolate card. (Recived on Valentines day! Thanks!) From NA Scav. Hunt Tag.
My favorite chocolate is white chocolate and salted caramel chocolate. So good!


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Scavenger Hunt

@iwritedeb thanks for this vintage card and sharing that story

Bizarro Tag

@waydowneast I love the AA stamp. I’ll use them on cards to friends that don’t have drinking problems.
A bizarre card, thanks

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Request an Animal Tag

@SharonMI sends a very cute fox card! I love foxes. Thank you! I think you are the closest person I have send a card to too, what fun! (We know our mail will be sent very fast to each other! )Thank you for your kind note too :tulip:


@anon43708176 sends this card of Virginia City from the Vintage tag. I agree, it is interesting to see and compare yesterday’s views with todays.
@breeze2902 sent me a cup of coffee with her plans for the second part of life. We are venturing out to new horizons as well. Travel is high on our list, and I would love work in an antique and collectibles store, if not own one.

And @salemhouse sent me this great clock card from the What I really would like to have tag. I think I will go with my sister-in-laws (now retired) clocks she has in her house, it’s 5 o’clock somewhere.
@Crystalinne sent this black and white card from the Uno tag. Hope you had a nice birthday!

@TwasBrillig from the Scavenger Hunt #2 tag sent me the quote card. I live in Texas for a simple reason, it’s cold up north!
And from @AprilSun66 sent me the Maid of the Mist card from the Especially special card tag. Hopefully you got to go sledding. Watch out for those cats!
Thanks everyone for the lovely cards and great messages.


That’s not a story ordinarily shared but it seemed apt for the card, so…

In today’s mail, from @Hobbittsy sent this Charles Herbert Moore painting from the Uno Tag. A permanent collection of the Vassar College’s art museum.

![IMG_7694|340x255](upload://p2COuGE@celestej JmSeMemylrtR0GT.jpeg)

And @celestej sent this extraordinary card from the See my favorites tag. Sounds as though you had a really good day.

Thank you both for these very nice cards.

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@dnrhott from the NA PC Box Tag sends a Waldo card! Thank you. I love the monsters on this!


Received an amazing letter and goodies from @cali29 from NA Write a Letter Tag. Thank you so much, it was decorated so beautifully :slight_smile: I cannot wait to reply back :slight_smile:

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