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Hello Postcrossers, I wanted to put some feelers out for a NorCal meet up! I’ve been a Bay Area Postcrosser for the past couple years but I’ve moved up to Northern CA and wanted to know how many people would be interested in attending a meet up in Chico if I hosted one!

Thanks, Bree

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Hi @bree_wee ! Thanks for reaching out!

I’m from SoCal, but I would be interested in coming out for a NorCal (North State?) meetup.
I was at a meetup in SF a few weeks ago and ran into some folks from Sacramento. We were talking about doing a meetup in Sac… but maybe we can carpool to Chico for your event? haha.

As far as the date is concerned, I’m already working on an event in SoCal for early September so I probably couldn’t swing that time of the year. However, I would be open to something later in the fall!
(By no means are you obligated to cater to my schedule – I’m just being transparent.)

Let’s continue the conversation via PM if you’d like?



Hi, Bree,

I’d like to come!

I’m out of the country August 19-29, but many days before or after would work out.

Antelope, CA

I’d be interested in going. I’ve lived in California all my life and have never been to Chico. This would give me a good reason to go. But when would it be? I just looked at the weather, and the current temperature in Chico is 107°F. I’d want to be able to look around the town, and I wouldn’t do it in that heat.

@Bevpoi this!