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@lauranalanthalasa a true pity, because I love this card SO much! Even though there isn’t a message ( completely unintentional I strongly believe), the decoration and the handwritten address look like it was prepared with care. I’m certain we can have a laugh with this incident if I find the sender.


This has happened to me, not only once :roll_eyes: :see_no_evil:

Unfortunately I also do not recognize the hand writing.

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I suppose it may happen that someone who sent you a card before suddenly decided to send you this one if they saw it in your favs. That happened to me a couple of times and it was very surprising and unexpected :rofl: By the way, have you received all the cards you are supposed to receive by the tag/rr? If not, a participant might resend a card without preventing you (that happened to me yesterday, hopefully, the card was written…). Or maybe this card wasn’t from Postcrossing? I saw you also participate in another project (I don’t know what swap-bot is and how it works). Could it be from one of the participants from there who wrote you before?

Possibly, but I really have no idea of knowing if it is a RAS card :stuck_out_tongue: There are so many German postcrossers, no way of me checking all of them ( I don’t organize by country received) but I do recognize recent swap partners, and don’t think I recognize the handwriting.

I haven’t received all my tag/rr/swaps, but I know the ones that is coming to me. I don’t swap that much, so I remember the ones being sent to me. I would have noted if it is a HPC postcard( because I love this series so much). And like I said, I don’t tag in random non-image side shown cards.

As for swap-bot, I swap domestically, because they are mostly for crafts, not store bought postcards for me. They can’t get my address without being in same groups as mine

Also, if it is an RAS card, it unlikely the sender would leave out the message. It only happens to me if I want to take photo proof before writing the message.

The more I think about it, is it possible the sender mistook my postcard with another postcrosser? she sent a card meant for someone else to me and my card to another person? I came up with this because I personally am writing a fav tag to 2 persons, I had to make sure I’m writing the right postcard to the right person. Double, triple checking, so worried I write the wrong card to each person, because I can’t resend the same image postcard :stuck_out_tongue:

It is a pity that no one could identify the handwriting.
We should all keep our eyes open in order to find the sender at some point.

But the sender will probably contact you anyway, because they want to know whether the card has arrived.


Here is Ana’s post again so that it is not overlooked:


Well, good luck with finding the sender! I’m sure you’ll find out soon who it was.


Scary pictures coming out of western Germany and Belgium. I hope you’re taking care and evacuating appropriately! :de: :black_heart:



I heard of the very bad flood that hit Germany and Belgium :cry: :cry: Hope you and your beloved ones are all fine!


Thank you @valdavid and @Iside82 for your sympathy.
In some parts of Germany it is really very terrible: people have died, lost their homes or are still fighting against the water masses.
I hope too that all forum members and their relatives and friends are well.


Thinking of all of you today, and hoping you’re all safe. The images coming from that part of Europe are just horrifying. :disappointed:


I spent many summers as a child in Germany. My father taught at a University there, and the two of us visited many of the towns damaged by the floods. Germany is one of my favorite places in the whole world, and seeing these images breaks my heart.

Please take care of yourselves and your loved ones



@valdavid @Iside82 @meiadeleite @pmunz
thank you so much for your kind words - I am living in an area where we don’t have any problems, but the pictures of the catastrophe are horrible - it seems that there are also forum members struggling with damages done by the flood… It is difficult to imagine how people will cope with this!


Dear German members. I have read the terrible news in your country.
Hope you all are safe. My thoughts and other Finnish members´ thoughts are with you :heart:


I hope all Postcrossers are safe, I can’t believe what is happening. :worried::green_heart:


I contacted Deutsche Post to start a subscription for maxicards and some other items, in the form they sent me, there are some items i did not understand:

What are:
Kunstgraphiken/Art prints
Atelier-Edition/Studio edition
Deutschland plus/Germany plus
Deutschland Klassik/Germany classik
Deutschland Exklusiv/Germany exclusive
Steckkarte Briefmarken-Kollektion/Stamps on a card
Erinnerungsblätter/Commemorative sheets

Also, what is the difference between “Sonderganzsachen zu philatelistischen Ereignissen/
Envelopes for philatelic events” and “Messebelege/Vouchers of exhibitions”?

For “20-Euro-Silber-Gedenkmünzen/20 Euro-Silvercoins” and “Kursmünzensatz: Dokument Deutschland/Coins of Germany (EURO)”, do they just send the coins separately or…? Is “Kursmünzensatz: Dokument Deutschland/Coins of Germany (EURO)” the commemorative 2 euro coins or something else?

Is “Steckkarte Briefmarken-Kollektion/Stamps on a card” the same as maxicards? Because there is no maxicard option on the list.

What’s the difference between Normalstempelung, Vollstempelung,and Tagesstempel?

Sorry for my many questions, I just did not know where to ask.

Thank you :slight_smile:

I can only help with some of your questions!

There is one “Steckkarte Briefmarken Kollektion” every quarter. They contain all new released stamps (mint).


more on the official website

Here you can see the different cancellation options Normalstempelung, Vollstempelung and a Tagesstempel

For the maxi cards we have this information in our German FAQ:

The most important thing is the order number D055 (the name of this subscription is E:B-Maximumkarten

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Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi there,
one topic / question was in my head today of which I thought it might be useful to discuss in the visitors corner: the question of how to adress the recipient if writing in German - to “Du” or not to “Du”?
Personally, since all profiles I have seen so far introduce themselves by first name only, I used the less formal “Du” instead of “Sie”. It only occured to me today that that might be perceived as inappropriate, particularly when writing to someone older then me. What are your experiences and opinions?