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For me, personally, this is not absolutely necessary, only for view cards. For every other cards I prefer organizing by subject.
But IF a user has different albums it’s really helpful if these albums are in alphabetical order.
Once I stumpled into a Flickr profile with around 300 albums (each with around 200+ pictures). Postcards and fotography. In order of creation date. This would drive me really crazy and in case I’ll ever get this user on official site it will be the 1st time for me refusing looking through all the albums.

I have my albums organized (still not complete, I always try to improve it) but this is also for me really helpful not only for those who draw my address.


If there is any logic how they’re sorted I do so. I prefer alphabetical sorting, and if an album grows beyond a certain point, to split it into sub-categories (an example here would be federal states). As I have lots of view cards from Germany in my offer I have split them to the federal states and sorted them alphabetically within those albums. But there might be other ways than splitting them by federal states… like publisher or card series or whatever you like. Just keep it logical, so others do understand where to look :slight_smile:

For my received cards I only sort them alphabetical (because I’ve <150 at the moment, that’s okay in one album).


(Automatical) sorting doesn’t work in the app, maybe that was the case there… I don’t like that… it’s so time consuming to check then.

I know that too well… wait until you can’t really say… as like a random photo from Harz region (Harz is located in multiple federal states…). So I have those unsure ones in a separate album named Germany General (including flag, series cards and cards about the whole country in general).

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Those are the ones not sorted yet… :shushing_face::shushing_face::shushing_face:
Thanks for your advice, an album general may be an idea. :wink:

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I usually stick to the wishlist. I only browse pictures if I feel like it. But having the picturs sorted by the federal states makes things easier and makes me feel like browsing the pics! Well done!

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If I can locate this as a region itself it put it in every album for ever “Bundesland” it is part of. I do that with US national parks as well.

@bom_dia - I am thinking about doing this split for Dutch provinces or even Russia as well but so far the research of what to put in which album keeps me from it :slight_smile:
Next time I have some time on my hands this is what I am going to do, though.
I like the sorting by Länder as for me it is a lot easier to look just through a few cards than a whole country if there are a lot of cards in it.

yes, I would love to do that too but I think I’ll need to find the courage first!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Could I trouble someone in Germany to help us confirm whether or not Deutsche Post is sending mail to Belarus at the moment? They haven’t updated their website with this information, but we’ve received a report from a member regarding this and are trying to double-check it.

Specifically, we’d like to know if there is a suspension of mail to Belarus, and if so, to which types of mail and service does it apply.

The easiest/quickest way to do this would probably be on the phone, if you’re comfortable with that — their contact number is 0228 4333112.

Thank you in advance! :pray:

I can’t find such an information on the website, but I will call there.
One Moment please.

Hello Ana, I was told that there are no restrictions of mail (postcards, letters and packages) from Germany to Belarus.


Thank you Bille, for your super quick reply! I really appreciate that, and I’m more reassured now that Postcrossing isn’t making people sending lots of postcards to a suspended connection. :sweat_smile:


Today one of my cards to Belarus arrived after 21 days ( https://www.postcrossing.com/postcards/DE-10504764 ). So I think it’s the normal way of mail at the moment.


Well, I have the feeling that the connection to Belarus is not so smooth at the moment…

In my 20 countries group, 18 of 19 participants recieved my cards, even Mexico has reached its goal. But not Belarus, it’s the only one. Also in 10 countries RR. Both times it’s the same member, but she’s reporting and a long time member, so I’d never doubt her reporting manners…

Don’t know, it’s just a personal experience. But makes me wonder…

My last officials came through very smoothly. 15, 8, 22, 12 days. Just my anecdotal experience. :thinking:

@LisaSoe She is also a long-time member of my RR, but cards have to be resent to her more often because they don’t arrive, even before the pandemic and the problems with postal delivery .

I don’t think that one can draw conclusions from this about problems with shipping between Germany and Belarus.

Oh, OK… Was just a personal observation :wink:

Thanks, I didn’t know that it could be specific for this member…

I was just wondering, because cards from others seem to arrive…

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I think there is problem in her town or maybe in her street. Who knows?

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I received an HPC Germany postcard today, but have no idea who sent it to me because the sender didn’t write anything. I don’t think she did this on purpose, but think she wrote my address and forgot to write a message. I don’t remember arranging a swap/tag/rr for this postcard, and no Chain RR is going on for me. I’d love to know who sent this to me?


Is there a chance it’s an official card or is your account set to inactive?