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Thank you, it is going to Hinterkappelen. I am hopeful it will get there. :slight_smile:

I think it will get there. Deutsche Post will route the card to their office for address investigation and they will see that the post code has 4 instead of 5 digits. Then Google or Wikipedia will tell them, that the place is in Switzerland. It will take some days more, but eventually it will arrive, I think.
Perhaps you report when it has arrived, for I am curious.


Could someone in Austria help us double-check the postage to send a postcard to Canada? Although the PDF they provide on the site mentions €1.80, the online calculator says €46.97… :flushed: We’re hoping this is a mistake and not the actual price, but this seems to be the current information being given out.

If I could trouble someone there to give the Post a phone call or contact them online to clarify this, we would really appreciate it!

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I think @haweiup @Stevyy @JuleDan @ennstalerin @ooma or @Vielflieger can help.

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Canada is “World”, in Austria they have : EU and rest of Europe and World:
see here https://www.post.at/en/p/c/international-letter-mail#1140446826

I think @honeybee also will know the postage, sending to World.



Austria to Canada € 1,80


We had a stop of connections between AT and CA a few weeks ago, but now everything should be back to normal again. Maybe the online calculator does not know that.

Normal stamp is 1,80 euro, as @ooma wrote correctly. Euro 45+ is express, apparently (though 2-4 days is highly ambitious, even with that tarif)

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A 1,80 stamp is for a priority Letter/Postcard. Don’t forget the priority sticker.
But at the moment this country is unfortunately not reachable by letter. So you have to wait a bit
Only the express delivery works. I sent a card there a few days ago. I think this will unfortunately expire

On this website you can see which countries are currently unavailable.

In this case @Stevyy is probably right that the calculator doesn’t know that (or hasn’t been updated) - Canada is not on the list of unavailable countries. :rofl:

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But Cansda is not mentioned on this list, neither with C nor with K.

Maybe it’s just a software bug or so, because with all other countries the calculator works

I see that the race to 10,000,000 is over. How do I know? Well, I just sent six cards, and only one of them was going to a German postcrosser :slight_smile: over the past few weeks it seems like half my cards have been to Germany!

That was more the Christmas event of Deutsche Post and Postcrossing, where we sent more than 124000 official Postcards in December.

What are you looking for? Postcardpal? Penpal? Chatting? I think it’s easier to find someone when you specify your request a bit :slight_smile:

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Es tut mir leid. You’re right I should add my request. Thank you. @Cassiopheia

Hi guys!
I’m a huge F1 fan and i’m searching something about the Nurburgring circuit.
Does someone lives there?
Also Hockenheim!
I live in Naples, Italy.
So i can send a nice postcard of Naples, Sorrento, Amalfi coast or a Ferrari one!
Also a nice Piazza Plebiscito post stamp on the envelope or on the card.
Let me know and thanks a lot.

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Hi there,

That is so kind of you. I would also like to send a postcard if they are still interested. :heart_eyes:

Hello :raising_hand_woman:
When a user has an online collection, I usually look through it.
However, I am not willing to go through more than say 700 cards in one album, especially if they are not sorted within the album.
I like the sorting of your albums of German cards by Federal States.
I would always like to look there when I send you a postcard from Germany.

Your collection is still relatively small, but when it grows, I would recommend sorting by alphabet or/and by city within an album.


Yeah, I can imagine that.
Well done!

I have to do that with my albums too - they are not really good sorted after all these postcrossing years.

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