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Hi there everyone!

I am looking for people from Germany who would like to send a postcard to a friend of mine in the Netherlands.

My friend just signed up to Postcrossing 2 weeks ago and has sent out her max traveling cards but hasn’t gotten any back yet. She and her young daughter are very excited about their new hobby. They had selected, wrote and decorated the cards together (her daughter is 10 and is learning English).

Anyway I am just so excited for them and feel bad that they’re still waiting for their first card. Although to be honest, mine also took 3 weeks to arrive. But I figure with a child, enthusiasm disappears much faster than with an adult.

If interested, please PM me and I will send you their address. And if you give me yours, I will send a thank you card back.

Update: Apr 1 [CLOSED] Thank you all for helping out and for those who have PMed me recently. My friend has now received more than enough cards to get started and her official cards are moving along nicely. We will be politely declining any new requests to swap.


I am into it :slight_smile: I will send a message!

Is it important that they come from Germany? Iam from Austria and would like to help :blush::two_hearts:

No that isn’t important. Sending you a PM :slight_smile:

Hallo zusammen! :wave:

Today I got an email from a German postcrosser, saying they’re looking to buy maxicards to send to people, but can’t seem to find them at their local post office. Is there a special corner of Deutsche Post’s website that I can send them to? Or perhaps another website you know of? Or are all maxicards in Germany “homemade”?

Any tips or help would be appreciated!

It’s more complicated. You can only get them with a subscription (and on special events from the Erlebnisteam:Briefmarken).

You may point to this topic: [FRAGEN und ANTWORTEN] und [HILFE]


If they don’t mind to get older (but unused) maxicards then eBay is always a good resource to buy them. I purchased a lot of them at eBay in the past years and they were always very welcome.

I often buy here complete volumes of a year (is that the right word for “Jahrgänge”?)


Thank you so much for all your help! :pray: I’ll forward them your suggestions, and hopefully they’ll be able to find a way to get them. Hurray!

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I wrote some cards yesterday, most of them going to Germany and one to Switzerland. I’m now 80% certain that I wrote Germany on the Swiss card too. Is it likely that the German post will forward it to the right country?

You cannot know… but in my experience, post offices really do their best to forward it to the right destination, even with wrong or missing parts in the address. If it’s to a well known town / city rather than a really tiny village chances are higher.

Thank you, it is going to Hinterkappelen. I am hopeful it will get there. :slight_smile:

I think it will get there. Deutsche Post will route the card to their office for address investigation and they will see that the post code has 4 instead of 5 digits. Then Google or Wikipedia will tell them, that the place is in Switzerland. It will take some days more, but eventually it will arrive, I think.
Perhaps you report when it has arrived, for I am curious.


Could someone in Austria help us double-check the postage to send a postcard to Canada? Although the PDF they provide on the site mentions €1.80, the online calculator says €46.97… :flushed: We’re hoping this is a mistake and not the actual price, but this seems to be the current information being given out.

If I could trouble someone there to give the Post a phone call or contact them online to clarify this, we would really appreciate it!

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I think @haweiup @Stevyy @JuleDan @ennstalerin @ooma or @Vielflieger can help.

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Canada is “World”, in Austria they have : EU and rest of Europe and World:
see here https://www.post.at/en/p/c/international-letter-mail#1140446826

I think @honeybee also will know the postage, sending to World.



Austria to Canada € 1,80


We had a stop of connections between AT and CA a few weeks ago, but now everything should be back to normal again. Maybe the online calculator does not know that.

Normal stamp is 1,80 euro, as @ooma wrote correctly. Euro 45+ is express, apparently (though 2-4 days is highly ambitious, even with that tarif)

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A 1,80 stamp is for a priority Letter/Postcard. Don’t forget the priority sticker.
But at the moment this country is unfortunately not reachable by letter. So you have to wait a bit
Only the express delivery works. I sent a card there a few days ago. I think this will unfortunately expire

On this website you can see which countries are currently unavailable.