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Hello, are the measures delivered to Bulgaria and what is the price for delivery or can I exchange with someone through the forum

What do you mean with that?

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Hello, are the measures delivered to Bulgaria and what is the price for delivery or can I exchange with someone through the forum

Do you mean postage stamps?

Please, explain detailed what you mean.

Do you want to know the postage for a postcard from Germany to Bulgaria?

Do you want to know what are the maximum measures for a regular postcard sent from Germany to Bulgaria (or anywhere in the world)?

What do you want to exchange? A postcard? Informations?

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Hi all, I have a couple of questions about the following statement in the Prices of stamps for postcards in all countries/territories (wiki) “it’s forbidden to include anything except for documents in international letters as of 1. January 2019!”
-Will they put the letters in a sort of scanner to make sure one is sending just documents?
-Is it also forbidden to include anything except for documents in national letters?

No, if it’s not too obvious it will most probably go through. But still there is a slight risk.

No, you may send anything that fits in envelopes :wink:


Hallo dear friends!
Can someone help me with the translation, please?

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Many greetings and a nice golden autumn / fall! Stay healthy.

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Thank you!

I am going on a River Cruise in Germany next month and, of course, want to send some postcards! :postcard: Am I able to buy ‘special’ stamps such as the Postcrossing stamp from normal post offices or do I need to buy them online? If so, do they ship abroad and does anyone know how much it costs?

Also, are stamps only available at post offices or are there other places I can buy them? For example, some tourist shops that sell postcards sometimes sell stamps.

Yes, most offices carry at least the latest special stamps.

No, delivery from the online shop is only within Germany. In theory there is an option to order via phone but the shipping costs are insane!

Yes, quite a few other places carry stamps. Mostly definitives though and not always for all common rates. International postcards need 95 cents of postage. Just ask the staff when purchasing postcards. It might be that they only sell full sheets (10 stamps) though. It’s very different from place to place.

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Thank you so much @Cassiopheia - that’s really helpful :smiley:

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Another question :smile: what is the size restriction on postcards from Germany? Can you send shaped postcards for the postcard rate as long as they fit within those sizes?

Here are the restrictions:

Unfortunately it’s not allowed to send shaped cards through the postal system without envelopes — some post offices might accept them without, but for the Großbrief rate (1,60€ within Germany, 3,70€ international) which is much more expensive than just putting them into a standard sized envelope.


You can see the minimum and maximum dimensions in the picture above, but there is another requirement that one needs to be aware of (it’s written there in Germany, but I want to point it out):

The width must be 1.4 times the height at least. Square cards cost a lot more and beware of the Polaroid style cards, they often don’t meet this requirement.


@Cassiopheia @duck2006 Thank you both! Very useful to know :smiley:


Hello everyone!
I am looking into visiting Germany in December 2023. Are there any meetups being planned that month? I’d love to make friends with postcrossers and go to christmas markets
Preferably norther Germany
Danke schön!

There are always quite a few Christmas market meetups. But it’s still a bit early, just keep an eye on the German meetup section from October onwards. If you can’t find any announced, come here and ask if someone is willing to organise one (including approx. location)


More than 700 cards sent to Germany in my PC career, so I should know this … but I have to ask. What are the grammar/spelling rules for why some street names have no space before Str./Weg and others do?

Examplestr. vs. Example Str.
Exampleweg vs. Example Weg

It seems obvious when the street is named after someone, like Albert-Einstein-Str. (not Albert-Einsteinstr). Does it have to do with the final letter in the preceding word?