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Hi dear @figtrees ,

That is good news :tada: .

Wishing you a good New Year! :four_leaf_clover:

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Hello everyone. I really like postcards from your country and Stamps. I will be glad to direct swap. I’m from Russia ( Crimea)

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Hi. I was wondering if it is possible to collect the postmarks and postcards from all Dutch cities/towns. So if you have interests please let me know. I’d like to swap.

By the way, I’m pretty curious which way would be affordable and cheaper to make or buy postcards in the Netherlands since I have run out mine.

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Hi! @To-Youth
I don’t know what would be cheaper, because I haven’t tried to make postcards yet.

Here is a topic listing online shops for postcards, maybe you can compare the prices:

I don’t think all cities have their own postmark, there are only a few sorting centres in the country.
But collecting postcards from different Dutch cities sounds like fun! :slight_smile:

Hello @To-Youth,

There are new stamps of cities in The Netherlands.

You can check this magazine:
Collect -club

em, then it would be good to collect postcards. I bought some postcards from local bookstore which are perhaps not economy if wanna buy many. Thank you for providing information and I will see the links later!

@JetteLise Hi Jette.Thank you for sharing the information!

Is it true that you can no longer obtain blue “Priority” stickers (on strips) at PostNL location?

I was asking for those today at my local PostNL location that I use to get those stickers to send cards using denominated stamps in the past, and they told me there’s a new rule since January that limits these stickers to business only and individuals can no longer have them, and I should just buy international stamps instead.

I don’t recall such regulation exist. I do know that individual cannot buy those off PostNL which is exactly why I have to get them from PostNL locations.

I looked on their website and can’t find anything about this changing. Denominated stamps in euros are definitely still valid.
Try asking for the stickers again later?

Thank you for response. I may try asking again later.

In the mean time, I have reached out to PostNL for a clarification on the matter. I will follow up with an update when they reply.

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Hello @SkyHound

You can download the stickers here :

You only can order these stickers if you have a business account
“This is a business product and cannot be ordered as a consumer. During checkout you can login as a business user or create a new business account.”

see here :


Do you know why Netherlands doesn’t have much international stamps? There are only 4-5 types of stamps on sale. (Postzegels buitenland voordelig online bestellen bij PostNL | PostNL webshop) As you see they’re not charming.

This is very disappointing. I don’t understand why they don’t release new stamps. We even can’t acquire the bird stamp released in last year. I’ll be very happy if someone can explain what’s going on. I prefer asking here instead of asking to PostNL :slight_smile:.

Thank you, stay healthy,


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The Netherlands indeed doesn’t have much international stamps with a ‘1’ value. However, we can also use 3 or 4 stamps with an added value of €1,50, the rate for international mail. That’s what a lot of postcrossers from The Netherlands (including me) do. Then we basically have every stamp ever made since 2002 that we can use, as long as the added value is €1,50 at least


I always appreciate it when Netherlands Postcrossers use a variety of lower denominated stamps on their cards, rather than the usual gray things. The USA is pretty bad with our variety of international stamps, too, so I know the struggle.

Thank you for your answer. I use 2 national stamps which makes €1.82. So I pay €0.32 extra for each postcard. Also I need to use priority sticker in this case which ruins the card in my opinion. I don’t know where to buy less valued stamps to make combinations like 0.50 + 0.70 + 0.30 like you do.

I highly recommend the website
They make combinations for you and you even pay less than you do at a normal store or the PostNL website! Plus you can add in the comments that you use it for postcrossing and they’ll try to find nice and beautiful stamps for you

Oh, and you can also just write ‘priority’ on your postcard, thats enough :slight_smile: I learned this a couple of years ago, before that I also used those big, ugly priority stickers


Woow this is the website I was looking for. :partying_face: Thank you so much for your help. I didn’t know that writing priority would be enough. Awesome tip :partying_face:
As you said they sell 10 international combinations for €13.50. Pretty good :slight_smile:

I’d like to thank you literally, could you please pm your address? :slight_smile:


PostNL website is a mess in my opinion. They don’t advertise all international stamps in the international section. And sometime international stamps don’t even have “Internationaal” in their item name.

You can find more international stamps in Collect Club and do some digging.

International stamps listed exclusively in Collect Club: (as of right now)