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Hello @Ludek,

There are many wishlist tags .
Why do you want a wishlist - — ? card tag?
Due to the many wishlist tags, other tags drop down with regard to the activities.

What happens if the person you tagged and DM’d doesn’t respond? Do you wait patiently or do you send another DM? It’s been 6 days…

There’s a town called Dildo in east coast of Canada! Although I haven’t been there…yet :laughing:

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As I said… the fact that I don’t see one don’t mean there ain’t one :smiley:

This one doesn’t allow to request specific sights, as the one I proposed would… but never mind! There’s more than enough tags as it is.

My main reason to suggest it was the fact that people on the wishlist tags that I did discover got annoyed with me for my “exotic” wishes… But by now I think that problem is solved:

  1. I have extended my wishlist to make it easier to find a match.
  2. I noticed that the postcrosser who was complaining most about me is complaining anyway, even when I’m not participating, harrassing people even when a tag is “stuck” for just one day… So I’m just gonna ignore those complaints :wink:

Send another message. If you don’t hear back within 24-48 hours, get in touch with either @JetteLise or me. :slight_smile:

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Hello Carrie ,
You also can use the flag. ( * Reporting a Post (aka Flags) )

This is like the report button, regarding the old forum .


This is a poll regarding the See my favourites and surprise me with a card you think I will like.

In the rules of this tag it says you need at least 300 cards in your favorites, but seeing as it is really just an indication of the kind of cards someone likes, I was wondering how you would feel about the limit being changed to 100 cards or more.

See my favourites… rule change
  • Leave at: 300 favorite cards or more
  • Change to: 100 favorite cards or more

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Thanks in advance for your input! :slight_smile:

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Hi, I don’t quite understand. I thought the flag option is to report any problematic post. I wouldn’t want to report someone if s/he is taking a long time to respond to me. Maybe my message got lost in their mailbox…Is taking a long time to respond to messages considered unacceptable? What’s the proper etiquette? I’m new to the tag game (and enjoying it). I also have other members apologizing for taking a few days to respond to me which I feel is unnecessary. I don’t expect everyone to be on this site every day (even if I’m!). Any insights are helpful.

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If the tag is to surprise someone with a card based on their favorites, I think 100 is enough to get an idea of what someone likes and lowering it will allow more people to participate.

I’d only keep it at 300 (or perhaps even raise it) if the tag required you to send a particular card that is in their favorites, but I think that’s another tag and not this one if I’m not confusing tags.

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The flags are also used to draw the attention of the moderators to one specific post, whether it be for complaints or something else. For example, if you want to make your post a wiki and you’re not a regular yet, you can’t do it and you have to flag your own post so that a moderator can do it for you.
You can also use it to ask what you are supposed to do in this case.

I don’t think so and I also think it is problematic to demand that every forum member should log in every day. Life happens. And life is usually more important. In some cases and in slow-moving tags, months can pass until you are tagged back. I don’t think you can demand that he/she logs in every other day to check for a reply for two or three months! This is just a hobby.
However, especially in offer tags or similar where you are required to send a very specific card, it could be that you don’t have the card anymore if they tell you their address two months later. In those cases, I think it is their fault for participating in the game and then forgetting to wait for someone to tag them. Usually, they are very understanding in those cases if you offer to send them a different card instead.

I don’t think you are required to act if they don’t reply within 6 days.
This could be a lot of work especially for those who participate a lot in tags. It would imply that we are required to keep track and I know that many don’t do it. I’m one of those people who keep track of their tags but I wouldn’t want to do this. Sometimes, I re-ask for their address, but that is usually when I have a lot of time on my hands and it can be months later. I wouldn’t want it to become duty to act if they didn’t reply within three days or whatever. I feel like that would be unreasonable.
Of course, it might be different in offer tags. But then I think resending your message is more in the interest of the sender who wants to send the card so that it doesn’t lie around at home any longer and not some kind of obligation to the receiver :thinking:
I would say that sending another message and/or flagging the post to ask for help are options for impatient people but not obligations.



Of course it’s up to you how you want to get in touch with us, @JetteLise and I. Or ask the community in this very topic. Just know that there are several options open and one of them is the option to flag.


Ok, thank you. That’s very helpful :slight_smile:

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Can we talk about the following tag ?

What I really would like to have is … - tag - ONE WISH !

It is quickly turning into a normal wishlist tag of which we already have many. But I do get that one wish is difficult to fill.

What if it starts with one wish and for every day (24 hours) that goes by, you add one more wish. (No collections. No favorites.) You can add one wish a day or add three wishes after three days. And after two weeks you can get tagged according to your profile.

a quick poll…
  • Yes!
  • No. One wish only.
  • Other

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I would like to suggest something like “The last postcard you bought” tag. I think there was one in the old forum, but I’m not sure and that is not the point, I think. :slight_smile:

Anyway, I’m at least often eager to share the cards I just bought. And this would also be a bit of a surprise tag, since you never know what kind of card you get - just that it is new to the person you are receiving it from!

What about this tags?

No :wink: , I just checked the directory of the old forum.
Maybe there was a tag , many years ago. :hourglass:

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I have been here many, many years :smiley: So totally possible.

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:sweat_smile: Yes, I know, I saw your PC profile and the date. :postcrossing:

Feel free to open a poll :smiley: here

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I have a suggestion for the scavenger hunt maybe very generic terms (since you are being sent the card above not being sent the item you find) or more suggestions after 24 hours.