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Thank you @JetteLise @Feuerstuhl for the clarification and help.
That list should keep me out of trouble for quite some time :sweat_smile:


Hello, I wanted to ask,what if I was tagged by strange person, who have not sent any card on postcrossing and never recived, very new. How to trust if he, she will send something?
Or tags are game, lottery, where is all possible and any can say i will send… But wont send, for example?

Tags are especially popular with newbies because they can’t send as many cards yet and they seem easier than complicated RRs with lots of rules. :slight_smile: Just because someone is new doesn’t make that person automatically distrustful. However, if you want to be surer that you get your cards, it might be a better idea for you to join Round Robins instead of tags because in Round Robins there is a host overlooking everything. But even then it happens that people just vanish from the forum and hosts cannot do much about that either. Sometimes, they have so called “angel cards” for these lost cards, but not all RRs have such a system. Ultimately, everything you do in the forum is your own responsibility. You can only be sure to receive what you are due on the official postcrossing website.
However, most folks in this forum are very nice and in my experience, for every card that you miss, you get two others as surprise mail and so it evens out in the end :slight_smile:

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Thank you, yes, I understand.

When I started Postcrossing I almost immediately started sending through the forum. I have sent way more unofficial cards than officials. Let’s give them the benefit of the doubt.
I do understand your concern though. Let me know if nothing has arrived in two months time, I will send you some angel mail. :slight_smile:


In case of doubt or if it appears that a person does not send cards for several activities, you can “report” the person via this system: Reporting a Post (aka Flags).
This can be compared to the “report a member by u2u” on the old forum.

Most RR hosts keep track of who doesn’t send the cards.
This is also often mentioned in the first post of a Round Robin.

But indeed, the forum is not responsible for not receiving cards / swaps etc…

Forum games

There are many games and activities on the forum, like tags, swaps, round robins, etc. These are not official Postcrossing activities.

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Hello, :slight_smile:
I see a lot of people enjoying the Thausendschön Edition postcards. May be tag in style Thausendschön card / Wishlist might be interesting? Just suggesting, I do not have any expirience with running a tag I just found these cards very popular :grin:
Have a nice day


Don’t we have the Africa tag anymore? Was it not used enough?

It don’t see the tag regarding the directory of the old forum :thinking:

Feel free to start a poll . :earth_africa:

Yeah, that would be awesome. I think Caribbean Region Meets the World Tag is also a great idea. Countries and territories in those regions are often what are called “rare countries”. Many people are eager to receive a card from those countries!

I don’t think that would ever work. There’s not enough people from these regions to keep it alive. The Africa tag I’m talking about wasn’t “Africa Meets the World”, it was just “All about Africa”, so anyone could send any card related to Africa. Otherwise we would have to wait forever for someone from Africa to tag.

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Hi here
I don’t know if this TAG is on line
I would like open
Decorated Envelope
The first one (me) post one decorated envelope
If someone take , he must post her decorated envelope
Again and again
I see that the tag of the decorated cards is a success, so why not that of the envelopes?

Thank you so much in advance.

Hi! We already have the Mail Art Envelope Tag. Is that good enough for you? Or do you want to open a new tag that is more like the Decorated Wildcard Tag, i.e. an offer tag where everyone posts photos of their envelopes like you described?

Hello dear @Blue69,

If the mail art envelope tag matches your suggestion, then you can certainly participate in this tag with your beautiful mail art. :art: .
If you mean something else, don’t hesitate to open a poll.

This is the Mail Art envelope - tag .

In fact, i post for example this envelope and if someone wants my creation, she must post also 1 decorated envelope . And the other one do the same . I don’t know if its clear :slight_smile:


Yes, this is clear.
It’s like an offer tag, like the decorated wildcard - tag
I like that idea.
You can open a poll :art:

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@JetteLise thank you so much :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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:heart_eyes: You’re welcome dear @Blue69 .

I did a quick research about the card, and find it really, really gorgeous!

I think you can open a poll. I will definitely vote in favor of it. You may add some examples - people will love them! You can also copy the rule and change some details from Blue Cat - Wishlist / Favorite Tag if you would like to quickly make a draft!


Hello @MichaelaSourkova,

You can open a poll .

Like @DMSOGeek wrote, I think it’s a good idea to suggest an
" Edition TAUSENDSCHÖN" cards - wishlist cards :sparkles: