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Tag @wayness

Please write me
about your day.
favorite foods ( maybe even include the recipe?)
Your pets if you have any?
A favorite vacation place or somewhere you would like to visit
If you could have one hour to chat with any person, past or present, who would it be and perhaps what would you like to chat with them about?
I’m looking forward to seeing what you would say!

Tag @harleyq2btrue
Need your address :blush:

Write to me about:

  1. Your favorite childhood memory.
  2. The first time you fell in love.
  3. Your favorite animal and why.
  4. Tell me about your pets, if you have any, or childhood pets.

Tag @CorgiMama
Need your address please
(I liked the first time you fell in love one, so im going to use it too :blush:)

  • The first time you fell in love
  • Favorite shows/movies
  • Who is your best friend (Tell me about them :blush:)
  • Your pets (Past or Present, or even pets you would like to have!)

Looking forward to your letter!

Tag @Ripnami_lover_WOF

What are your top 3 favorite books, and why should I read them?
What is your all time favorite vacation and why?
Tell me about your pets.
What is your favorite tv show and why should i watch?

Tag @NAMsMommy

Write to me about -

  • Your hobbies and interests
  • Your favorite board / card game
  • The town / city / country you live in
  • How you spend your free time
  • Your pets! What’s their story?

Tag @bsickler

Write to me about:

  • Your favorite meal
  • Your favorite book(s)
  • Your current playlist
  • One thing you want to learn to do before you die

Tag @yoakenokami

tag @wayness

write to me about:
your first love
your best friend of opposite gender
your favorite tv show and why
Favorite song and why
Fav game
fav animal

Tag @Ripnami_lover_WOF

Write me about

If you were cast away on a desert island, what 5 music recordings, one book, and one luxury item would you choose to bring with you and why? (Desert Island Discs - Wikipedia )
Do you believe in fate, free will, randomness, parallel universes, something else? Why do you think things turn out the way they do?
Have you ever had a paranormal experience?
something strange that happened to you
your thoughts on life
A Song of Ice and Fire
Fantasy and science fiction novels
Asian dramas
Netflix, audiobook or mobile game recommendations
The last live performance you’ve seen

Tag @wayness

If anyone would like to write me a letter please tell me about:

  • Positive things going in your life right now (If you are going through a hard time and need to vent that’s okay too)
  • Your childhood pet, if you had one.
  • The favorite place you have traveled to.
  • A good book or audiobook
  • Do you like anime or manga? Tell me some recommendations for that.

tag @WillowRaylis

Please write on a postcard about any of the below suggestions…

  • a favourite local spot that isn’t widely known beyond your area, or your favourite feature about where you currently live
  • an unexpected, serendipitous or fateful coincidence that you’ve experienced
  • your favourite trail
  • a cherished childhood memory
  • a secret
  • an embarrassing or humourous incident
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Tag @JasonDavid

Please write me about:

  • a short biography of your favorite author, movie director or artist
  • a list of your EDC everyday carry (items you carry on every day)
  • if you use fountain pens, your favorite ink
  • a legendary meme or comic strip that keeps you laughing

Tag @ad7yn

Please write me about:
-an item on your bucket list
-a favorite person in your life
-a super power you wish you had
-something you think you are really good at


Tag @saoirse253

Please write me about:
-your favorite relationship advice
-something you’ve been wanting to get off your chest
-If I gave you $1 million but you couldn’t spend it on yourself, what would you do with it?
-the three people in your life you’d take to a deserted island and why
-would you rather have a fish for a right hand or a cloud for a left foot (a friend of mine always asks people that one :wink: )

Tag @pixxi88

Please write a letter about

  • an encouraging song lyrics and what the symbolisms mean to you
  • a favorite Roman emperor, their quotes, successes and failures
  • a technology that should never have been invented
  • a tradition or culture that should have survived
  • hidden and obvious signs of kindness, intelligence and wealth
  • a list of childhood books and authors
  • a list of subtle behavior by empathetic people, making them more attractive
  • why chess and mathematics can be so difficult for others
  • how you screen for mentors and their advice you carried through your whole career
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