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my favorites:
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edited to add: not sure why it says “Log In” but the link to my favorites should be there!!

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I have your address.

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My favorites:

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My favourites: JasonDavid’s wall of favorite postcards (postcrossing.com)

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Postcard US-4028219 (same card)
Postcard US-3761011 (same art but from Anacortes, WA)

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Or from general wishlist:
Video Games!!
Anime Girls
Apocalyptic/Dystopian/Futuristic Scenes
Kawaii characters like TokiDoki, San-X, Sanrio, Doraemon, etc.
Illustrated Armadillos, Raccoons and Cats (&Tabineko!)
Covid Era
(Decorated)Pantone Cards
Abe Lincoln
Seattle/WA/PNW/Pine Trees/Ferns
Japanese & Scandinavian Cultures

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You can also tag me with my general wishlist:
(Decorated) Pantone Cards
Colorful Illustrations
Flowers & Plants
LGBTQ + things (I am a bisexual/queer person)
AD cards or Food Package Postcards

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or my general wishlist
My wishlist:

  • Snoopy/peanuts
  • lantern press, illustrations of national parks or travel posters
  • Flowers, botanicals, herbs, or plants (prefers illustration/paintings)
  • Flower fairies by Cicely Mary Barker
  • Children’s storybook illustrations (ex: Roald Dahl’s postcards collection, Quentin Blake illustrations, Le Petit Prince, Maisy Mouse…) or Cartoons (ex: The Simpsons)
  • Sketching of cities, towns, or villages (Urban Sketching)
  • Elephants, dogs, cats, or pandas (prefers illustration/paintings)
  • Blue cats by Irina Zeniuk
  • Fruit or vegetables illustrations/paintings
  • Dessert, sweet things illustrations/paintings
  • books, libraries, people reading, quotes, or anything that refers to literature (prefers illustration/paintings)
  • any art works or paintings (Example: Edgar Degas, Edward Hopper, Leonid Afremov, the list goes on and on!)
  • Lovers, Couples, kissing, love themed postcards (pics or illustrations)
  • Postcards with women/girls (prefers illustration/paintings)
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my favorites

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(A few are my officials, so please check that it is not one of my received cards. Thanks!)

Edit to add a wishlist:
Video Games!!
Anime Girls
Female erotica artwork (NO photos please!)
Kawaii characters (like TokiDoki, Gloomy Bear, San-X, Pokemon, Sanrio, Doraemon, Rascal the Raccoon, etc)
Mofusand & Tabineko Series
Studio Ghibli
Twilight Movie Saga

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my favorites:

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Tag @pammykay

I don’t have too many favorites since I’m relatively new to postcrossing, so I wrote a list below too! Log in

My favorites:
classic movies
old hollywood actors
old hollywood actor’s homes
ocean animals
art (including homemade)
Christmas movies
Star Wars
Harry Potter
Disney villains
Lilo and Stitch
Cathedrals or churches
Halloween or Christmas
Surfing and swimming
unique restaurants
pics of your hometown
National Parks

tag @pixxi88 with a beach card!

My favourites: JasonDavid’s wall of favorite postcards (postcrossing.com)

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Postcard US-5972913 (postcrossing.com)

My Flickr Faves
My PC Faves

New faves added to hopefully get this tag moving again!