[TAG] NA - Send me a card from my album of favorites!

tag wayness with Postcard US-2922865

my favourites https://www.postcrossing.com/user/DorH/gallery/favourites – or similar!

Tag @DorH with: Postcard US-4302250

My favorites:
Similar is alright.

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tag @ellistrations with a card similar to Postcard US-5645752


similar is fine

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tag @wayness with Postcard US-1094605

my favourites: https://www.postcrossing.com/user/DorH/gallery/favourites – or anything similar is fine

Tag @DorH
I like postcards decorated with washi, stickers, and doodles.


Postcrossing administrators are aware of the problem where a favorite
link turns into “Log in.” Click “log in” and you will be taken to the favorite wall. Here is Ana’s comment on this 🆕 Forum update (Discourse 2.8) - #12 by meiadeleite

I can try to restart this by sending @mail98 something they wish for…
I seem to have trouble posting a link to my favorites but its on my official wall


I thought my comment of cards decorated with stickers or washi would suffice as my likes. I haven’t been postcrossing for very long…my apologies for the confusion.

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no worries, I tag you with some flowers! and decorations too…


Tag @Izzy2018
With this card: Postcard US-8173881

Tag @ellistrations with US-6626677

Favorites: Log in

(Similar is ok)

Tag @silentmagician with Postcard US-7786279

My faves: Log in

Tag @LaurenceB with DE-10359307.

My favorites: Log in
(Similar is OK)


Anything for my collections:

tag @StrawberryKiwi

My favourites: JasonDavid’s wall of favorite postcards (postcrossing.com)

Similar is fine.


tag @JasonDavid with CA-1034531

My favourites Log in or similar

tag @dorh with Postcard IE-63309 (postcrossing.com)

My favourites: JasonDavid’s wall of favorite postcards (postcrossing.com)

Similar is fine. Thanks!

Tag @JasonDavid (already have your address) with Postcard CA-1141299

My favorites: Log in


Tag @Stinkypaw with

My Favorites

Also I am happy with a card similar to something from my favorites or from my wishlist on my Postcrossing profile :blush:

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Tag @stunclock with Postcard CA-1049948

My favorites: Log in