[TAG] NA Perpetual Holiday Tag - See Link to holidays in 1st post

Originally posted by emeraldmist in 2009 at the old forum:

[TAG] NA Perpetual Holiday Tag Please join Where else could you possibly get a card for National Escargot Day?** Link to holidays in 1st post*

This is the Perpetual North American Holiday Tag. Enjoy!

Just send the person you tag a card representing the upcoming holiday celebrated somewhere in Canada, the US, or Mexico.

IN honor of these fun days let have a hopefully very fast moving tag!

*Here is a site that lists many of the daily, random, bizarre and quirky holidays celebrated in America (I am sure there are other sites for other N. American countries). ** www.DaysOfTheYear.com ***

Please specify if you want Store bought only or both handmade & store bought cards. (Zazzle style, greeting card fronts, crafty…)

The card does NOT have to say the name of the holiday (ie Thanksgiving), just have the theme.

Go Forth Tag and Enjoy!

… I’m @PamUSAOhio, the next person waiting to be tagged, so am moving the topic here. Anyone want to play? :grin:

You can share the postcards you’ve received from this tag on this topic.

Tag PamUSAOhio with October 31 - Caramel Apple Day

Tag @MeaganMS with Science Fiction Day, January 2.

Tag @hootnoodle with Commitment day, January 1

Tag @anon2074034 with January 3, Festival of Sleep Day

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Tag @FrogSalad with World Sketchnote Day, January 11.

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Tag @hootnoodle with Horse Protection Day, March 1. (I already have your address).

Tag @MystiqueDeep with Manatee Appreciation Day, March 31.


Tag @hootnoodle with Bat Appreciation Day on April 17th. I hope you like bats!

Tag @KatieM April 16th with Elephant appreciation day

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Tag @Crystalinne with Frog Jumping Day, May 13th.

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Tag @hootnoodle with Women’s Equality Day on Aug. 26

Tag avery27 for tomorrow 8/30 with National Beach Day

Tag @iwritedeb for Skyscraper Day, September 3.

Tag @hootnoodle with Individual rights day today 08/29 :blush: I have your address!

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Next to be tagged is @LaurenceB :blush:

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Tag LaurenceB for Neither Rain Nor Snow Day 9/7.

Tag @iwritedeb for September 28, Drink Beer Day

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Tag @salemhouse for National Drummer Day

Tag @iwritedeb with November 20 - Absurdity Day

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