[TAG] NA LouPaper-Wishlist Tag

I hope it’s okay that I’ve started this :grinning:

This is a tag for LouPaper postcards that are sold on Etsy.


  • Post a link to your LouPaper collection album/write out your designs wishlist
  • The next person will tag you with the LouPaper card they are going to send you, and write out a wishlist of their own that can include LouPaper or other cards
  • LouPaper → Wishlist → LouPaper → Wishlist

Please message the person to let them know the card has arrived or thank them here :grinning:

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It is a good idea, but can we start? :blush:
I’ll be happy to send you a LP card!

Tag @ayellowdaffodil


  • Blue Cat
  • LouPaper State (Not CA- MD - NY - MO - TN - PA - TX) Sent from the State, please
  • Local beach
  • Local Wildlife
  • Cute Illustrated animal

Thank you! :blush:

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Tag @Dr-K with Lou Paper state from your wishlist (RI)

Lou Paper for me please (if a state card, I would prefer it be sent from state of origin).

My collection: Lou Paper - gyshwysh


Tag @NittanyLionRI
(Have your address)

My wishes:

  • Kites
  • Snails
  • Balloons
  • Surfboard
  • Fireplace, Campfire
  • Bench, Swing, Rocking Chair
  • Poker/Playing Cards
  • Lou Paper
    Collection: Postcards - Lou Paper | Flickr
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Tag @ellistrations with a snail :snail:

Lou Paper for me please! I only collect the states cards, doesn’t need to be sent from the same state it represents.

I already have: California, Colorado, Hawaii, Indiana, Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Missouri, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Texas and Virginia.

Edit: Sorry I didn’t know this tag was North America exclusive :sweat_smile: I sorted it out with @ellistrations :blush:

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Tag @SnowsNFurter

My wishes:

Hi @SnowsNFurter I think you accidentally tagged here- this is the LouPaper tag for North America!

This is the International LouPaper Wishlist Tag

next to be tagged: @ellistrations :blush:

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Tag @ellistrations
I have your address

Lou Paper for me please

I have state cards New Jersey and California
Anything else will be great!

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Tag @journeyforth
I have your address :grin:

My wishes:
Edition Tausendschön*
National parks*
Birds of prey
Lou Paper*
Harry Potter*

*Please see my profile for collections. Thank you :blush:

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tag @NittanyLionRI (I have your address.)

a new LouPaper for me, please.

My collection (Note: LouPaper Christmas is on its way to me, but it’s not showing in the album.):

Tag @pammykay with Loupaper MN

My wishes:

  • recipe cards
  • Women in science series
  • St. Francis of Assisi related
  • Lego cards
  • math and science related (but positive!)
  • puns

tag @sannah82

New LouPaper for me please!
Here is my collection (Note: Christmas and Minnesota are on their way to me, so are not yet showing in the album.)

Tag @pammykay with CA Loupaper

My wishes:
Loupaper Louisiana, Oklahoma, Kansas, Mississippi, Idaho, or Americana
Harry Potter
Lantern Press
National/state parks

Tag @angeli91 with National Park

New Lou Paper for me please. If sending a state card I would prefer that it be sent from state of origin. Thanks :blush:

Tag @NittanyLionRI with LouPaper MN

My wishes:

  • recipe cards
  • Women in science series
  • St. Francis of Assisi related
  • Lego cards (still life Box is fine!)
  • math and science related (but positive!)
  • puns

Tag @sannah82 with a recipe card

Lou Paper for me please.

Hello @Crystalinne - I will send you a LouPaper! Can you let me know what you have by chance? If that is not easy, don’t worry about it, I have a plethora I can send :slight_smile:

For me here is the wishlist:
Lord of the Rings
Blue Cats
Studio Ghibli
Star Wars
Good Omens
Anne of Green Gables

Tag @KeeksWanderer

Lou Paper for me please state card

I already have - CA, NJ, IN, NC, RI

Tag @journeyforth with MD loupaper

My Wishlist:
– view with a train
– view with a boat/boats
– beach view
– moomin
– view with a bridge
– city view
– ocean view
– city waterfront
– nature view

tag @stunclock

Loupaper for me, please!
I already have these: Lou Paper | Flickr